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Setup Video

  • How to Setup Tapo Wireless Camera with VIGI NVR

    00:00 - Introduction 00:08 - Connection Diagram 00:13 - Setting up the Tapo camera ONVIF account 00:37 - Adding the Tapo camera in the VIGI NVR 02:36 - Fix Tapo camera IP address on router 03:00 - Controlling the Tapo camera from the NVR

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Firmware Release Note

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Tapo C225(US)_V2.6_1.0.9 Build 240123

Published Date: 2024-05-30

Modifications and Bug Fixes:
1. Enhanced HDR performance in specific scenes.
2. Improved image performance when using Pan & Tilt function.
3. Optimized the Auto Exposure feature for more consistent exposure performance.
4. Improved compatibility with NVRs using Onvif protocol.
5. Optimized day/night switching auto mode to get full-color image in darker environment.
6. Fixed the issue where playback videos couldn't be watched or downloaded in Privacy mode.
7. Fixed the issue that camera will sound an alarm at the end of the alarm schedule time.

Tapo C225(US)_V2.6_1.0.7 Build 231108

Published Date: 2023-11-24

Modifications and Bug Fixes:
1. Enhanced stability and performance.
2. Enhanced local communication security.
3. Fixed some minor bugs.

Tapo C225(US)_V2.6_1.0.4 Build 230901

Published Date: 2023-11-14

First firmeware released.


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