How to configure the Notification feature for the Tapo & Kasa devices on the Tapo app

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With the Notification feature enabled from the Tapo App, you can decide whether to receive notifications on your phone for each device. Follow the instructions below to learn how to configure device notifications.

Part 1. Notification Settings for all Smart Devices

From the Tapo App: Me > Notifications – From here you can change any of your notification settings.

1) You can tap System Notifications to toggle Device SharingFirmware Update, and New Device Found notifications on or off. It is recommended that you keep these enabled so that you can keep your devices up to date and know if any devices are ready to be configured.

2) You can toggle On/Off the Promotions Option to decide whether to receive exclusive offers, VIP giveaways, and new product notifications. These offers are often only available through the application and may not necessarily be available on our sites.

3) If you enable the Device Option and go to the Management page, you can turn On/Off the switch beside the smart device to decide whether to receive notifications about it. This may be useful for devices in other homes or locations.

4) Lastly, when the Do Not Disturb option is enabled you won't receive notifications during the scheduled time on your phone. You may configure Do Not Disturb to automatically turn on during specific times.

Tap Exceptions>>Add Devices to add devices if you want to receive notifications from a specific device while Do Not Disturb Mode is active.

Note: Major Notifications like water leaks or attempted doorbell thefts still send notifications despite Do Not Disturb Mode being enabled.



Part 2. Notification Settings for Tapo & Kasa Cameras

If you want to receive push notifications on your phone when the Tapo & Kasa Cameras detect events, please refer to the following steps to set up the Notification feature on the Tapo app.

Here we take Tapo C200 as an example.

Step 1. From the Tapo App: Me > Notifications, then Device Notifications > Management to ensure the toggle is enabled for your camera

Turn off the Do Not Disturb feature or add your camera to the Exceptions page.

Step 2. On the Home page of the Tapo app, tap your camera model’s card or tap the Camera Tab

From here, you can then click on Manage for your camera model to go to the Live View page.

Step 3. On the Live View page, tap the icon on the top right corner to enter the Device Settings page.

Step 4. Click on Notifications on the Device Settings page.

Step 5. Enable Activity Notifications and Rich Notifications for your needs. (Rich Notifications Require an Active TapoCare subscription)

Tap Activity Type to select the detection types for which you want to receive push notifications.

Note: Currently, some Camera models do not have the Activity Type feature, and you will a notification for all activity types

Set the time period in which you would like to receive the push notifications.

If you select Custom Time, you can customize the time period to receive the push notifications as per your desire.



If you have enabled the Notifications feature on the Tapo app but can’t receive push notifications on your phone, please refer to the link below to troubleshoot.

Why can’t I receive notifications after turning on Notifications?


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