How to Enable Patrol Mode on Tapo Cameras

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Setting your Tapo Camera in Patrol Mode allows you to see everything, everywhere. Patrol Mode automatically scans key areas, giving you complete viewability of your space.

This comprehensive guide is designed to assist you in setting up Patrol Mode. While we'll use the Tapo C225 as an example, the steps outlined here are applicable to most Tapo cameras equipped with pan and tilt functionality.

Note: Only Pan/Tilt cameras support this feature. While continuous patrolling may slightly impact your camera’s pan/tilt motor lifespan, rest assured that our devices are designed for reliability.

1. After successfully setting up your Tapo camera, tap the device within the Tapo app to enter the camera page.

2. Tap the gear icon to enter the camera settings page.

3. Tap Pan & Tilt. You can set a Pan & Tilt Angle and tap Pan & Tilt Correction to reset your camera to the default position before entering the Patrol Mode page.


4. Tap Patrol Mode to enter the page. At least two marked positions are required before enabling Patrol Mode.


5. Tap or hold the arrows to move the camera’s angle up, down, left, or right to your desired position, then tap Add Mark. Customize the Layover Time as needed, then tap Save.


6. Repeat the above step to create additional marks. At least two marks are required for Patrol Mode.

7. After adding all your marks, enable Patrol Mode.

8. Tap Patrol Mode Schedule. You can choose a preset schedule or customize a schedule. Tap Save, and the camera will move between your marked positions as scheduled.



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