How to Enable Sound Detection on Tapo Indoor Cameras

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Updated 04-23-2024 00:38:42 AM 7953
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The Sound Detection feature of Tapo indoor cameras includes Baby Crying Detection, Glass Break Detection, Dog Bark Detection, and Cat Meow Detection. When Sound Detection is enabled, the Tapo camera will recognize abnormal sounds, notifying users as needed.

This article introduces how to enable Sound Detection on Tapo indoor cameras. The Tapo C120 will be used as an example in this case.

Note: Some specific models support all types of Sound Detection. Other indoor Tapo cameras may support Baby Crying Detection only. Verify your camera’s product specifications to familiarize yourself with its supported detection types.

  1. After setting up your Tapo camera successfully, tap the device in the Tapo app to enter the camera page.

  1. Tap the gear icon to enter the camera settings page.

  1. Tap Detection, then scroll down to find Sound Detection.

Note: Different models may support different types of Sound Detection



  1. You can tap a specific Sound Detection type, toggle it to enable the detection, and adjust the sensitivity as needed.

Note: Glass Break Detection, Dog Bark Detection, and Cat Meow Detection are currently in beta status.


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