How to use the Ping tool in Omada APP

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1. What is a Ping Tool

Ping tools allow network managers to detect the reachability of a host a local or internet-based network. They can use an IP address or domain name. TP-Link has built a Ping tool into the Omada APP. You can use it to check the connection to any node right from your phone.

Note: The built-in ping tool only provides the most basic function of Ping in the Omada APP. If you want to use the more advanced functions of a ping tool please use the command line function built into a computer or other specialized apps.

2. When would you use a Ping Tool?

When you are having trouble connecting to the Internet or cannot gain access to a specific host. You can use a ping test on the wireless clients, and to test an unreachable node’s connectivity to determine where an issue may lie.

3. Commonly used addresses on a Ping Test

  1. Uplink AP IP address.
  2. Uplink Switch IP address.
  3. Uplink Router IP address.
  4. WAN IP address of Router.
  5. Public DNS server such as,, etc.
  6. Public domain name.

4. How to use the Ping Tool in the Omada App.


  • Open and login to your Omada APP, then click the top left icon  to open the sidebar
  • In the Sidebar tap on ‘Network Tools’
  • Tap on ‘Parameters’ to customize your Ping test

  • Tap on ‘Done’ to save the parameters.
  • Go back to the previous page, type in the IP address or domain name, then tap ‘Ping’
  • Review the results to determine which part of link is having problems

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