TP-Link Exhibits Complete Wi-Fi 7 Networking Solution for Homes, Business, and ISPs at CES 2023

    Irvine, Calif. — Jan. 05, 2023 — TP-Link, a leading global provider of consumer and business networking products, exhibited a complete Wi-Fi 7 networking solution for home and enterprise networking at CES 2023. Additionally, Aginet Wi-Fi 7 routers for the ISP market were also listed at CES. 


    TP-Link is at the forefront of Wi-Fi 7, unlocking the potential of what's possible with this cutting-edge technology. As the world's first vendor releasing a full Wi-Fi 7 product line for the home, enterprise and ISP networking markets, TP-Link held a Wi-Fi 7 Product Launch Event on Nov. 14, 2022. At the event, three Wi-Fi 7 routers and one Wi-Fi 7 Gaming router, three Deco Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 7 products, two Omada access points for enterprise networking, and Aginet Wi-Fi 7 for the ISP market were announced.  


    At CES, TP-Link expanded its Wi-Fi 7 line to include Wi-Fi 7 range extenders. More Wi-Fi 7 models were also exhibited including 5G Wi-Fi 7 routers, XGS-PON Wi-Fi 7 routers, Wi-Fi 7 routers and Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 7 that covered everything from TP-Link’s flagship products to its entry-level Wi-Fi 7. The Archer GE800, a BE19000 Tri-Band Wi-Fi 7 Gaming Router, and Deco BE95, a Deco BE33000 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 7 System, both won 2023 CES Innovation Awards. 


    A True Whole Home Multi-Gig Mesh Wi-Fi: Deco Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 7 System** 

    Deco always promotes high-quality lifestyles with its powerful networking solutions. The line covers every scenario from indoors to outdoors and provides multi-gig Ethernet,** fiber service, 5G/4G/3G mobile and DSL access to meet different ISP needs. At CES, four Deco Whole Home Wi-Fi 7 models were exhibited. These Deco Wi-Fi 7 products are equipped with Deco system v3 for True Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi and HomeShield functionalities. All Deco models work together, providing ultimate whole home multi-gigabit coverage.** With Deco, intensive seamless roaming experiences, AI technology and the new Deco app combine for the top Deco Mesh system. 


    Deco BE95: BE33000 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 7 System 

    Deco BE95 received a 2023 CES Innovation Award for its outstanding next-gen performance Whether wired or wireless, BE95 delivers whole home multi-gigabit connectivity** to enter a new 10G era. This quad-band Wi-Fi 7 product is the industry’s fastest Quad-Band Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 7 system so far, featuring the latest 6 GHz band, 320 MHz bandwidth and 4K-QAM for a combined speed of up to 33 Gbps across 16 streams.* Each unit comes equipped with two 10G WAN/LAN ports and two 2.5G WAN/LAN ports for multi-gigabit networking. Among them is a 10 Gbps SFP+ fiber and RJ45 Ethernet Combo port for high-bandwidth connectivity, converting fiber data to Ethernet cable data with an SFP module. This builds long-range point-to-point connections easily. With TP-Link’s AI-Driven Mesh technology, the system uses advanced algorithms and self-learning to ensure its mesh Wi-Fi suits every home. 


    Deco BE65-5G: 5G BE11000 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 7 System 

    Deco BE65-5G innovatively combines 5G technology with Wi-Fi 7 technology. 5G brings ultra-fast connections into users’ homes and unlocks true Wi-Fi 7 speeds. Just plug in the 5G SIM card and play with the latest generation of Wi-Fi. Deco BE65-5G is a Wi-Fi 7 Mesh with 11 Gbps tri-band Wi-Fi speeds,* 5G download speeds up to 3.4 Gbps*** and three 2.5G WAN/LAN ports. 


    Deco BE65 is another Wi-Fi 7 Mesh with tri-band 11 Gbps Wi-Fi 7 speeds* and four 2.5G ports. Deco BE85 is a Wi-Fi 7 Mesh with tri-band 22 Gbps Wi-Fi 7 speeds*, two 10G ports, and two 2.5G ports. 


    Redefining Wi-Fi Routers: TP-Link Wi-Fi 7 Routers  

    Continuing the top performance of the Archer series and powered by the latest Wi-Fi 7 technology, Wi-Fi 7 routers bring unprecedented experiences to homes. Five Wi-Fi 7 routers were unveiled at CES. Most eye-catching among them was Archer BE900, which sports a futuristic, upright design that looks more like a gaming console than a router, complete with an LED screen and touch controls on the front face.  


    Archer BE900 offers 24 Gbps quad-band Wi-Fi 7 speeds* and comes with a brand-new design — totally reimagined from previous routers. It features 12 optimally positioned internal antennas that achieve the effects of high gain, high isolation, high integration and multidirectional coverage. Equipped with two 10G WAN/LAN ports — one RJ45 port and an RJ45/SFP+ combo port — Archer BE900 provides flexible support for both fiber and copper connections. The additional four 2.5G ports and two USB ports make it an ideal solution for future-proofing a home network. 

    Another four routers — Archer BE800, Archer BE805, Archer BE550 and Archer BE230 — were also exhibited. All these routers are EasyMesh-compatible and equipped with HomeShield functionalities. Archer BE800 is a tri-band Wi-Fi 7 router with up to 19 Gbps Wi-Fi,* equipped with an LED screen, two 10G ports and four 2.5G ports. Archer BE805 is also a tri-band Wi-Fi 7 router with up to 19 Gbps Wi-Fi speeds*, two 10G ports and four 1G ports. Archer BE550 is another tri-band Wi-Fi 7 router with speeds up to 9214 Mbps* and five 2.5G ports. Archer BE230 is an entry-level Wi-Fi 7 router, with 3.6 Gbps Wi-Fi speeds* and two 2.5G and three 1G ports.  


    True 10G, True Acceleration, True Gaming: Archer GE800, a BE19000 Tri-Band Wi-Fi 7 Gaming Router 

    Archer GE800 is TP-Link's first Wi-Fi 7 gaming router with true 10G. It also received a 2023 CES Innovation Award. Archer GE800 is a tri-band Wi-Fi 7 gaming router that delivers Wi-Fi speeds of over 18 Gbps. GE800 is powered by the latest CPU and powerful Wi-Fi chipset, providing enough performance for the most intense gaming networks. GE800 is also equipped with two 10G ports and two 2.5G ports to meet the needs of multi-gig entertainment** like gaming, 8K AR/VR and home NAS setups. With abundant game acceleration functions, GE800 boosts gaming traffic, stabilizes connections, and reduces latency to ensure gaming stays immersive by accelerating game devices, servers and applications, including mobile games. 


    Lightning-Fast Wi-Fi 7 in Every Corner: TP-Link Wi-Fi 7 Range Extenders 

    TP-Link Wi-Fi 7 range extenders help eliminate dead zones by boosting wireless networks in users’ homes and offices. Equipped with EasyMesh compatibility, these Wi-Fi 7 range extenders work with TP-Link Wi-Fi 7 routers to form a seamless whole home Mesh Wi-Fi. Two Wi-Fi 7 range extenders were unveiled at CES. RE800BE, a BE19000 tri-band Wi-Fi 7 range extender, features up to 19 Gbps Wi-Fi speeds,* one 10G port and two gigabit ports. RE550BE is another tri-band Wi-Fi 7 range extender with speeds up to 9214 Mbps, one 2.5G port and two gigabit ports. 


    Reliable, Flexible, Connected: Aginet Wi-Fi 7 Products for Internet Services Providers 

    Aginet is TP-Link’s sub-brand dedicated to supporting Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Aginet offers innovative technology, flexible products, management solutions and incomparable services to empower ISPs and provide a better user experience to end users around the globe. The included TAUC (TP-Link Aginet Unified Cloud) offers the TR-369 USP cloud server, carrier-grade TR-369 CPE, a customized mobile app and tailor-made API services for ISP customers to form the foundation of TP-Link’s TAUC solutions. 


    At CES, an XGS-PON Wi-Fi 7 router with 22 Gbps Wi-Fi speeds, XGB830v, was exhibited. A BE22000 Wi-Fi router, EB810v, and a BE22000 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 7, HB810, were also introduced. 


    Break Through the Boundaries of Your Business: Omada Enterprise Wi-Fi 7 

    TP-Link Omada has always been committed to providing SMB and enterprise clients with safe and reliable networking solutions. At CES, two brand-new Wi-Fi 7 access points — Omada EAP780 and Omada EAP770 — were exhibited. These two access points have 22 Gbps tri-band Wi-Fi 7 speeds and 11 Gbps Wi-Fi 7 speeds, respectively. With Omada Wi-Fi 7, even in an auditorium, meeting room or hotel with numerous devices, everyone can work, enjoy games or watch high-definition videos online smoothly. 


    Summary of TP-Link's Wi-Fi 7 Product Lineup 

    At CES, a complete Wi-Fi 7 product for home networking, enterprise networking and ISPs was demonstrated. Four Deco Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 7 models, five Wi-Fi 7 routers, one Wi-Fi 7 gaming router and two Wi-Fi 7 range extenders, from flagships to entry-level products, offer unparalleled Wi-Fi experiences for home users. Flexible Wi-Fi speed selections range from BE3600 to BE33000, and flexible product combinations form true whole home Mesh Wi-Fi. For enterprise Wi-Fi 7, Omada EAP780 and 770 will be available, covering from BE22000 to BE11000.  


    As always, we aspire to deliver reliability in everything we do and create a lifestyle that is simple, smart and connected for everyone. We look forward to seeing our customers embrace a better life with these new Wi-Fi 7 products. Please stay tuned if you are interested in the aforementioned new products. 


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    Pricing & Availability 

    Product availability for US market: 

    • Archer BE900 -- BE24000 Quad-band Wi-Fi 7 router -- $699.99  

    • Deco BE85--BE22000 Tri-band Mesh Wi-Fi 7 System-- $999.99 (2 pack) 

    • Deco BE95 -- BE33000 Quad-band Mesh Wi-Fi 7 System -- $1199.99 (2 pack) 


    The three products are expected to be available in Q1, 2023. Additional products will become available throughout 2023. 



     About TP-Link 

    TP-Link is a global innovator and provider of consumer and enterprise networking products and the world's No. 1 provider of WLAN and broadband CPE devices**** with products available in over 120 countries for hundreds of millions of customers. TP-Link provides award-winning networking products in wireless routers, cable/DSL gateways, powerline adapters, range extenders, cloud cameras, smart home devices, and accessories for global end-users. We remain committed to intensive R&D, efficient production, and strict quality control. TP-Link also endeavors to provide stable Business Wi-Fi solutions for small and medium business customers and reliable enterprise switches and routers. 

    *Maximum wireless signal rates are the physical rates derived from IEEE Standard 802.11 specifications. Actual wireless data throughput, wireless coverage, and quantity of connected devices are not guaranteed and will vary as a result of network conditions, client limitations, and environmental factors, including building materials, obstacles, volume and density of traffic, and client location. Use of Wi-Fi 7 and related features requires clients to also support the corresponding features to achieve the claimed performance. 

    **Multi-gig internet plans are required to achieve Wi-Fi speeds over 1 Gbps. Actual wireless performance will vary based on network environment and condition. 

    ***Maximum 5G download and upload speeds depend on external factors such as the local 5G network coverage, data plan, real-time network capacity, client limitations, and environmental factors. 

    ****According to IDC Worldwide Quarterly WLAN Tracker Report, Q4 2021 Release. Based on units shipped. 

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