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The Deco X50-Outdoor can provide WiFi coverage for your outdoor space. While the Deco X50-Outdoor can be run as an independent router or AP it requires the unit to be physically connected to the ISP service or 3rd party router. As this product is designed for outdoor use most customer add it as a satellite Deco node to their existing Deco network.

*Note:  Deco products cannot wirelessly link to non-Deco networks

If you prefer video instructions, please see the video below on how to setup and mount your Deco X50-Outdoor:

Steps for configuring and mounting your Deco X50-Outdoor

It is recommended that you configure your Deco X50-Outdoor insider near one of your Deco nodes.

1. Power on Deco X50-Outdoor

1) Remove the base plate from Deco X50-Outdoor (store carefully to avoid losing base plate and screws).


2) Power on the Deco X50-Outdoor through method 1 or 2.

Method 1: through IEEE 802.3at PoE switch or IEEE 802.3at PoE adapter

Method 2: through 100-240V~50/60Hz 0.5A AC power supply. Note: Using AC power outdoors will require a weatherproof outlet to be used. 

2. Configure Deco X50-Outdoor with the Deco App

You can refer to the following FAQ to add Deco X50-Outdoor to the existing network.

How to add an additional unit to your Deco network.

After successfully completing the configuration, take Deco X50-Outdoor, its baseplate, the installation accessories, and tools to the desired outdoor area.

3. Select a suitable installation location

The Installation location can significantly impact performance and coverage range. Here are some suggestions when choosing the right location:

1) Ensure a stable and secure power supply at the installation location. If using PoE, consider the reach of the Ethernet cable. If using AC power, check for nearby outdoor waterproof outlets that can provide power.

2) If X50-Outdoor and the closest indoor Deco are connected wirelessly, it is recommended to keep the distance between X50-Outdoor and indoor unit within 33 feet (or 10 meters) to 50 feet (or 15 meters). It is preferable to place the indoor Deco near a window, if possible, to minimize the obstacles between the two units. If X50-Outdoor and the indoor unit are connected via ethernet, then there is no such restriction.

3) It is recommended to install X50-Outdoor at the center of the target area where you want to expand the WiFi coverage to evenly cover the entire area.

4) The recommended installation height is between 0 and 25 feet ( 0 and 8 meters)

5) There should be a clear line of sight between X50-Outdoor and the area to be covered. Buildings, trees, or walls can weaken the signal strength and limit the coverage range.

6) Try to stay away from potential sources of WiFi interference, such as neighboring WiFi networks, high-voltage power lines, electronic devices, and appliances.

7) It is recommended to install X50-Outdoor in a location where receive it is more protected from rain and direct sunlight.

All installations will vary depending on the environment, so it's always a good idea to perform pre- and post-installation site surveys, measured to your desired data rates, as is the case when configuring any wireless extender or Access Point.

4. Mount X50-Outdoor

1)After selecting the installation location, please insert the Ethernet cable and/or power cord according to your own situation.

• PoE-powered: Ethernet cable only

• AC-powered: Wireless: Power cord only ;Wired: Ethernet cable + Power cord

2) Install the base plate back to waterproof X50-Outdoor.

Currently, we recommend two methods:

1. Pole Mounting

1)Lead the end of the pole mounting strap through the back of the Deco.

2)Position the Deco and wrap the pole mounting strap around the pole. Feed the end through the screw-block and tighten the strap until the Deco is secure.

Note: The Deco can only be used in an upright direction. Please do not mount Deco X50–Outdoor in an inverted or side-standing matter. Incorrect mounting may result in the device failing to maintain its waterproof status.

2. Wall Mounting

1) Place the mounting bracket in the right position. Mark two positions for the screw holes. Drill two 6 mm diameter holes for the screws at the marked positions.

2. Insert the plastic wall anchors into the 6 mm diameter holes. Align the mounting bracket to the plastic wall anchors and drive the self-tapping screws into the anchors through the mounting bracket.

3. Align the mounting tabs on the back of the Deco with the slot of the mounting bracket. Push and slide the Deco downward until it locks into place.

Note: The Deco can only be used in an upright direction. Please do not mount Deco X50–Outdoor in an inverted or side-standing matter. Incorrect mounting may result in the device failing to maintain its waterproof status.


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