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Q1: For Questions Regarding the Power-Over-Ethernet Feature

Please refer to this FAQ: General questions about the PoE feature on Deco X50-PoE

Q2: What do I need to pay attention to when mounting Deco X50-Outdoor?

1. The recommended mounting height of Deco X50-Outdoor is 0 ~ 8m (0-~25ft), and all installations will vary depending on the environment. So it's always good to perform pre- and post-installation site surveys, measured to your desired data rates, as is the case when configuring any wireless extender or Access Point.

2. Please do not mount the Deco X50 – Outdoor in an inverted or side-standing matter. Incorrect mounting may result in the device failing to maintain its waterproof status.

Q3: Can X50-Outdoor be used underwater?

No, the X50-Outdoor is rated at IP65, meaning that the device is protected from the intrusion of sprayed water.

Q4: How long is the AC power cord? Can I buy and use a longer AC power cord myself?

The length of the included AC power cable is 3 meters (~9.8ft). You may use another compatible AC power cord. However, we recommend that you buy waterproof plugs or waterproof sockets, rather than replacing the original power cord.

If you must replace the Power Cord, the Specifications for the AC power cord used by the X50-Outdoor is as follows:

Tail Plug: Plum Gauge

Power: 100-240V~50/60Hz 0.5A AC

Q5: How long is the Ethernet cable in the box? Can I buy and use a longer Ethernet cable myself?

The Ethernet Cable included in the box is 1.2 meters (~4 feet). You may purchase and use another ethernet cable. However, we recommend that the cable not exceed 100m and is rated for outdoor use.

Q6: Can the Deco X50-outdoor be used indoors?


Q7: What is the best distance between the X50-Outdoor and the Deco inside?

It is recommended that the X50-Outdoor be placed within 10m(~32ft) of the signal source in a straight line.

You can also refer to the FAQ: How can I find a suitable spot for my Deco? | TP-Link

Q8: Will Ethernet backhaul still work with PoE power?

Yes. PoE allows for both power and data transmission over the same cable.

Q9: Is the Deco X50-Outdoor suitable for use in areas with frequent hurricanes?

Yes, but you will need additional reinforcement for the X50-outdoor to protect the device from high winds.

Q10: Is the Deco X50-Outdoor suitable for use in areas with frequent thunderstorms?

Yes, X50-outdoor can suppress the common mode surge voltage of 2KV. But we do recommend that you purchase an additional shielded wire to wrap around the Deco's housing to ground the device.

Q11: Which Deco models does the Deco X50-Outdoor work with?

All TP-Link Deco models. The X50-Outdoor can be added to any existing Deco Mesh network, or used to create a new mesh network.

Q12: What is the coverage area of Deco X50-Outdoor? How many clients can I connect to the Deco’s Wi-Fi?

Covers up to 2500ft² per pack. Due to its water and dust proof features, the Deco X50-Outdoor can be used outdoors. The Deco X50-Outdoor is not suitable for outdoor long-distance communication.

The X50-Outdoor can connect over 150 devices, however the actual number of connected devices will depend on the environment, and the bandwidth needed by each connected device.

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