How to Link a Tapo or Kasa Account to Amazon Alexa

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This guide will show you how to add your Tapo or Kasa Account to Amazon Alexa. Once added, you can use simple voice commands to control your favorite smart home products or stream the live view of your Smart camera to Amazon Echo Show or Fire TV. 

This guide provides two options to link your account to Alexa.

  • Option 1: Link through the Tapo or Kasa App
  • Option 2: Link through the Amazon Alexa App 

NOTE: Please make sure the Tapo or Kasa app is updated to the latest version before continuing. 



Option 1: Linking Via the Tapo or Kasa App


Open the Tapo /Kasa app, go to Me > Third-Party Services, and select Amazon Alexa.




Then tap Tapo Skill and follow the instructions to link your Tapo account with Alexa. Once linked successfully, the message Tapo Skill is Now Linked will come up.



Tap the message to go to the Amazon Alexa app. After enabling the Tapo/Kasa Skill, Alexa will connect to your device automatically and now you can control it via Alexa.





Option 2: Link Via the Amazon Alexa App


Open the Amazon Alexa app. Then tap on More in the lower right corner and select Skills & Games.



Enter and search for Tapo/Kasa.



Tap the ENABLE TO USE button.





Follow the instructions to link your Tapo/Kasa account with Alexa.



Once linked, Alexa will discover and connect to your device automatically. Follow the app instructions to complete the setup and you can control your Tapo/Kasa device via Alexa.



You can control your Tapo Plug using simple voice commands. For example: “Alexa, turn on the ‘Toaster’ after two minutes”.


  • Every time you change the name of the Tapo device, you will need to discover the device again to update its name.


  • If you have any difficulties or your Smart Home device does not connect please review the Official Alexa Troubleshooting Guide found here



Matter devices connect to Alexa directly

Please refer to this FAQ for more information:

How to set up Matter device with Alexa, Google, Apple or SmartThings


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