Why are my TP-Link Smart Devices Not Working with Google Home?

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Note: This Article is for a TP-Link smart device that is connected through the Tapo or Kasa app. For Matter devices, please visit this FAQ

Case 1: Received error “No compatible devices”, or some devices do not populate in the Google Home App

  1. Verify whether the devices are available in your Tapo/Kasa app. If not, please re-link them to Tapo/Kasa app.
  2. Speak the voice command “Sync my devices” to resynchronize the devices to Google Home.
  3. Reset your devices and re-link them to the Tapo/Kasa app. Then re-link the devices to Google.

How to reset a Smart Camera: Kasa | Tapo

How to reset a Smart Bulb: Kasa | Tapo

How to reset a Smart Plug: Kasa | Tapo

  1. If your devices still can’t be added to Google Home, please note the time of your last attempt to sync devices and contact TP-Link technical Support

Case 2: Device is not responding via Google Home App or voice commands

  1. Verify whether the device is responding to the Tapo/Kasa app:

Turn off Wi-Fi and turn on mobile data and try to toggle the device on/off on the Tapo/Kasa app, then check whether the device responds to your input.

  1. Check the signal strength of the TP-Link smart device. Please follow the steps of part 1 in this link.
  2. Then follow the steps of part 3 in this link to improve network connectivity if the smart device’s signal is weak.
  3. Or contact TP-Link technical support if the smart device’s signal is fine, and note the Time of the most recent attempt to manage the device with Google Home.

Case 3: Received error, “Oops! Something went wrong with the camera stream” when watching the live stream of the Kasa/Tapo camera on Google Nest/Chromecast

  1. Check whether the live stream loads properly on the Tapo/Kasa app when using mobile data only.
  2. Please place your Google Nest/Chromecast closer to your router to receive better network connection if live video stream functions fine in the Kasa/Tapo app.
  3. Please refer to What should I do if I can't view the Tapo&Kasa camera? If you are unable to stream the live video on the Tapo/Kasa app.
  4. Contact TP-Link technical support and note the specific time of the most recent failure to stream the video on Google Nest/Chromecast.


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