Why can’t the Powerline Adapter be detected by the others?

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Updated 12-19-2016 00:52:55 AM 120829
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1.     Please make sure that there is no ammeter or similar device within the electrical circuit where the two Powerline devices are plugged, or they won't be able to communicate with each other because the ammeter blocks signal transmission.
2.     Only with the same Network Name can they detect and communicate with each other. In order to find out the Network Name, please connect your Powerline devices to the computer. Run the Powerline Utility, go to Privacy tab, then you will see the Network Name as below:
If the Private Network Names are different, please change each device’s name to the same one, or click “Use Default (Public Network)” to make it the default name. Then, click the “Set Local Device Only” button;
With the same Network Name, the device can successfully be detected.
The Network Type will display as Public if you use the default name, otherwise it will display as Private.
The new version utility is as this:
3.     After you change the Network Name, if the devices still fail to find each other, please reset them and plug both devices into one power strip, check the PLC lights when the light status is stable(wait for about half a minute) .
If both PLC lights are on, it means they are working well. Use them in the real environment and try again.

 If after all the above attempts, the PLC lights are still off, please contact TP-Link Support for further diagnostic.



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