Alexa Compatibility for TP-Link SOHO products

What is TP-Link Router Skill for Alexa?

TP-Link Router Skill is a Custom Skill for Amazon Alexa, developed for TP-Link Wi-Fi products. With it, you can control your home network by giving simple voice commands to Alexa.

The following settings can be adjusted using our Router Skill: QoS, Guest Network, LED control, WPS and Night Mode.

*Some commands may not work with all TP-Link products.

Note: Currently, this feature is only supported in German (DE),English (US),English (CA),English (IN),English (AU),English (UK/IE),Japanese (JP)


Please check the list below to see if your TP-Link product is compatible:


Wi-Fi Routers

Model Hardware version Use Case
Archer AX11000 V1, V2 QoS, Speed Test, Guest Network,LED,WPS, Night Mode
Archer AX6000 V1, V2
Archer C5400X V1
Archer C5400 V2
Archer C4000 V2, V3
Archer A20 V1, V3
Archer C3150 V2
Archer C2300 V1
Archer A2300 V1
Archer GE800 V1 Guest Network, LED,WPS, Night Mode
Archer BE550 V1
Archer BE900 V1
Archer BE800 V1
Archer AXE300 V1
Archer AXE200 Omni V1
Archer Air R5 V1
Archer AX12 V1
Archer AXE75 V1
Archer GX90 V1
Archer AX90 V1, V1.2
Archer AX4800 V1
Archer AX4400 V1
Archer AX3200 V1
Archer AX73 V1, V2
Archer AX80 v1
Archer AX75  V1
Archer AX72 V1
Archer AX55 V1
Archer AX3000 V2
Archer AX53 v1
Archer AX50 V1
Archer AX23 V1, V1.2
Archer AX20 V1, V1.20, V2, V3,V4
Archer AX1800 V1, V1.2, V2, V4
Archer AX10 V1, V1.20
Archer AX1500 V1, V1.2,V2
Archer AX3000 V1
Archer AX1500 V1, V1.20
Archer AX1800 V1.20
Archer A2600 Pro v1
Archer A10 Pro V1
Archer C80 V1, V2, V2.2
Archer C7 V4, V5
Archer C9 V5
Archer C90 V6
Archer A8 V1, V2, V2.2
Archer A7 V5
Archer A9 V5, V6
Archer A10 V1, V2
Archer C2300 V2
Archer C6 V2, V3, V4
Archer A6 V2, V3, V4
Archer C6U V1
Archer A2600 V1, V2




Model Use Case
Deco BE95 QoS, Speed Test, Guest Network,LED, Night Mode
Deco BE85
Deco BE75
Deco BE16000
Deco BE63/BE65
Deco BE65-5G
Deco X80-5G
Deco M9 Plus
Deco M5
Deco M1300
Deco P7
Deco XE200 QoS, Guest Network, LED, Night Mode
Deco X95
Deco X90
Deco X5700
Deco X80
Deco XE75 / XE5300
Deco WE10800
Deco XE75 Pro
Deco X75
Deco X73-DSL
Deco X5400 Pro / X4300 Pro
Deco X60
Deco X5000
Deco X68 / X3600 / W7200
Deco X50 / X55
Deco X50 Pro / X55 Pro
Deco X50-4G
Deco X50-5G
Deco X50-PoE
Deco X50-Outdoor
Deco PX50
Deco W6000
Deco HB6300
Deco HB6300-PoE
Deco HB6300-Outdoor
Deco X50-4G
Deco X20 / X25 / W3600
Deco Voice X20
Deco X20-4G
Deco X20-DSL
Deco X10 / X1500 / W4500
Deco X10-4G
Deco S7/S1900
Deco S4
Deco P9
Deco M4
Deco M3
Deco E4
Deco E3
Deco W2400



How do I use TP-Link Router Skill?

These are the commands for the supported functions. Use these commands to tell Alexa what to do.






Alexa, turn on router lights


Alexa, turn off router lights

Night Mode


Alexa, turn on night mode


Alexa, turn off night mode



Alexa, turn on WPS

Guest Network


Alexa, turn on guest network/turn on guest Wi-Fi


Alexa, turn off guest network/turn on guest Wi-Fi



Alexa, set QoS to gaming/standard/streaming/chatting/surfing/custom


Alexa, set Application priority to gaming/standard/streaming/chatting/surfing/custom

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