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Start Your Circadian Rhythm with Sunrise and Sunset Function

By Zenobia

You should have noticed lights in the park go off as the sun rises and come on as the sun sets. Such a cool scene can also apply to the lighting in your own house. The challenge is that the time of sunrise or sunset changes throughout the year. And what if you want to have more location-based automation, scenes, or routines that will work more consistently? Then the Sunrise and Sunset function is here at your service.

How does the Sunrise and Sunset function work?

A Kasa smart device can synchronize itself to the exact sunset/sunrise time throughout the year. Even if it's your first time using the function in the Kasa Smart app, your Kasa devices will operate at the correct time of sunrise and sunset automatically based on their locations. With the Sunrise and Sunset function, you can schedule your devices to turn on/off automatically at sunrise/sunset. The new update also lets you accurately offset the sunset/sunrise time for triggering actions before or after sunset/sunrise.

This function applies to a wide range of Kasa switches, lights, bulbs, and plugs. You can also set the light strips in your garden to come on ten minutes after the sun goes down. If you're an early bird, the sunrise automation turns your smart bulbs into a "sunrise alarm". For dimmer bulbs or switches, you can customize your device to fade in at the designated time after/before sunrise, thus simulating the sun to wake you up behind thick closed curtains.

How can you set the Sunrise and Sunset function?

The Sunrise and Sunset function can be configured in Schedule of the device status page and Trigger Time of Smart Actions. Taking setting of Schedule as an example, the following will show you how to set up your Kasa smart dimmer switch to automatically turn on your bedroom lamp and fade in half an hour after sunrise for the weekdays.

1. Launch the app and tap the device on the homepage and then "Schedule" on the status page.

2. Tap the plus icon ("+") to add a new schedule for your device.

3. In Edit Schedule, choose "Turn On" for the "ACTION".

4. Then customize the FATE RATE as needed. Here select "30 min" to let the lamp gentle up, making it easy on the eyes in the morning.

4. To set half an hour offset after sunrise, tap "Sunrise", roll the offset time to 30 min, and select "after".

5. Finally, choose the days you want your Sunrise/Sunset schedule to repeat.


6. Tap "Save" on the upper right corner. Your schedule will be saved and shown in your schedule list. Your bedroom lamp will turn on and fade in half an hour after sunrise from Monday to Friday.

Note: If you want to change your time zone, you need to select the corresponding location manually via Me > Settings > Location and Time > Location.

To learn more about each function and configuration, please go to the Download Center to download the manual of your product.


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