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WireGuard, a state-of-the-art open-source VPN protocol, is renowned for its exceptional speed, robust security, and user-friendly design. Its advanced encryption and streamlined architecture ensure swift and secure virtual private network connections across a wide range of platforms, making it an ideal choice for your mobile device.

Please follow the steps below to set up the WireGuard VPN Server on the Deco app.

1. Launch the Deco app. Go to MORE > Advanced > VPN Server, and tap Add VPN Server.

2. We recommend enabling DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name System) to bind your WAN IP to a domain name. This can prevent issues with your WAN IP changing, which might otherwise cause VPN connection problems.

Please refer to this link:

3. View the default WireGuard VPN settings, as shown above. The parameters are automatically filled in; do not change them unless necessary.

Select your Client Access type. Select Home Network Only if you want the remote device to access only your home network; select Internet and Home Network if you also wish the remote device to access the Internet through the VPN Server.

4. (Optional) Click Advanced Settings to display more settings.

If Allow DNS is turned on, the Deco will become the DNS server of the VPN client that establishes a connection with it. It is vital to ensure your online privacy.

Change the Persistent Keepalive time (25 seconds by default) to send out heartbeats regularly. You can also click RENEW KEY to update the private key and public key.

5. Locate the Peer List section. Click Add Peer to create an account.

Address: The IP the server assigns to the Client's VPN tunnel after the connection. The Address should be included in the Allowed IPs(Server).

Allowed IPs (Server): The IPs of the clients are allowed to communicate with the server.

Allowed IPs (Client): The destination IPs the client can access via the VPN tunnel. In most cases, the default configuration can meet the needs.

6. Click “Done”.

Note: Only one account can be used by one WireGuard VPN client at a time to connect to the WireGuard VPN server.

7. Connect to the WireGuard server:

On the Peer List, click on the Modify column of the corresponding account.

• For mobile phones, download the WireGuard App from Google Play or Apple Store, then use the App to scan the QR Code to connect to this server.

• For other devices (e.g., TP-Link WireGuard VPN client), click EXPORT Config File to save the WireGuard VPN configuration file, which the remote device will use to access your router.

8. On the Peer list, you can click the button to modify the VPN server settings, connect to the server, or delete the account.


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