How to Set Up OpenVPN Client in the Deco App

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OpenVPN is open-source virtual private network (VPN) software that utilizes SSL/TLS protocols for encrypted communication. It provides secure remote access and site-to-site connections and is widely used to protect network communication and access control.

Please follow the steps below to set up the OpenVPN Client on the Deco app.

1. Open the Deco app and log in to your TP-Link account. Go to MORE > Advanced > VPN Server, and tap Add VPN Server.

2. Select "VPN Client" and toggle on the VPN Client function.

3. Add a new VPN server and choose "OpenVPN."

4. Enter your username and password, then tap on the settings icon to import the config file. Then tap "Save."

5. If the connection is successful, a message similar to the following will appear.

6. In the client permissions options, you can choose whether individual clients can connect to this VPN or if all clients can connect to this VPN. If you choose Client List, please add clients who are allowed to use VPN to the Client List.


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