How do I block or manage APP traffic with HomeShield Advanced Parental Control on a TP-Link Router/Deco?

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HomeShield’s advanced parental controls brings with it new features to better help regulate a child’s app use and develop healthier online habits.


  1. Support for these features will depend on the product and what firmware is installed.  Support will expand as new firmware are released.
  2. These features are for paid subscription users only.

New Features

  • Blocked Apps: Ban the use of specific apps or app categories.
  • App Time Limits: Limit daily usage for specific apps or app categories.
  • Always Allowed Apps: Give access permission to specific apps or app categories.
  • Most Used Apps: Statistical reports of your app usage and online habits.

What is Needed:

  • You should have a TP-Link router or Deco system that is compatible with HomeShield.
  • Download and install the latest version of the TP-Link Tether app or TP-Link Deco app on your iOS/Android device. *Requires iOS 9+ or Android 4.2+

Configuration Steps


  1. Deco is used in this example.
  2. Active Advanced Parental Control subscription is required


1. Go to the Parental Controls tab and tap > Create a Profile.

2. Follow the on-screen app instructions to create a profile for your child.



3. Tap the profile of your child and select Blocked Apps. Tap  to block an app category to prevent the profile from accessing all the apps in it. Select specific apps within a category to block access to individual apps. You can also search the apps you want to block in the Search bar. Then tap Save to apply the settings.


1) If you block an app category, new applications in that category after a firmware upgrade will also be blocked.

2) Only apps displayed in the list can be blocked. Apps not on the list will be allowed to access.

3) If you block apps that have been previously added to App Time Limits, the rules you set in App Time Limits will be ignored and these apps will be blocked.

4) If no results are found in the search, please send feedback to us.



4. Select App Time Limits and tap Add Limits. Then, select an app category or specific app and set time limits for them.


1) If you set time limits for apps that have been previously added to Blocked Apps, these apps will be unblocked and follow the rules you set in App Time Limits.

2) Time limits refer to the time the device uses internet traffic. Activities that don’t use traffic, such as offline gaming and video buffering, are not included.



5. Select Always Allowed Apps and tap Add Apps. Select an app category or specific apps that the profile can access at all times, regardless of whether they were previously added to Blocked Apps or App Time Limits.



6. Select a profile and you can view the online time statistics of commonly used applications in Most Used Apps/Most Used Categories.



Q1: Why is the total online time of some apps shorter than the actual time?

A: Time limits refer to the time the device uses internet traffic. Offline usage and actions like buffering do not count towards online usage.

Q2: Why do uninstalled apps appear?

A: Application tracking is matched based on resource characteristics, the uninstalled apps displayed may come from resource aggregation software (such as browsers).

Q3: Why is the app data still displayed when I'm not using the app?

A: If the app consumes internet traffic in the background, data will also be generated. *Note:  Background usage will apply to daily usage limits.  If an app is set for timed use, we recommend disabling background data for that app.

Q4: I used an app, why can’t I immediately find it in Most Used Apps?

A: The data in Most Used Apps updates periodically (about 10-15 minutes).  It is not synchronized in real-time.

Q5: I blocked an app, why can’t it take effect immediately?

A: The currently blocked app may have a cache. It will be blocked the next time a new network request occurs for this app.




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