How to Extend the Battery Life of a Tapo Camera or Doorbell?

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Updated 04-21-2023 00:40:43 AM 34758
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TP-Link’s Tapo product line includes products that are powered by a rechargeable and removable battery.  These products also feature a low-power protocol that can greatly extend the battery’s life and timespan between charges. This FAQ will provide some tips on how to maximize your battery’s usage.

Adjust video quality:

Go to Camera Settings > Video Quality to change resolution settings.

Adjust the wake-up sensitivity:

Go to Camera Settings > Detection > Wake-up Sensitivity to adjust the sensitivity.


Adjust the Clip Settings:

Go to Camera Settings > Clips Settings to change the relevant settings.

Adjust the night vision viewing distance:

Go to Camera Settings > Night Mode Settings to change the viewing distance.

Adjust the frame rate:

Go to Camera Settings > Advanced Settings > Frame Rate to change the frame rate.


Other Suggestions:

  • Avoid pointing the camera directly at swaying trees, busy streets, and other high-traffic areas.
  • The camera should be placed 7-10 ft (2-3 m) off the ground and tilted at about a 15°~20° angle. Keep the PIR lens level for the best results.
  • The camera may not detect objects moving directly toward its center. Mount the camera where the movement goes across the lens's field of view, triggering the PIR motion detection.
  • Avoid installing the camera behind glass.  Glasses block infrared light and can make the camera's PIR Sensor unable to detect movement.

*Actual battery life may vary based on device settings, use, and environmental factors. Higher settings will deplete the battery faster


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