Why your Robot Vacuum may have Decreased Cleaning Ability or Dust Leakage

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Updated 03-08-2023 17:40:19 PM FAQ view icon14305
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If your Vacuum is not Cleaning to the best of its ability or there is dust leaking from the robot vacuum when in use, please first check the following:

  1. Is the Dust Bin/Box Full?
    1. If the Dust Box is Full, Please Empty and Clean the Box
  2. Has Excess Dust or Debris Built Up on the Air Filter?
    1. If so, the filter may be clogged. Please clean or replace the vacuum’s air filter.
  3. Is the Main Brush able to rotate freely and is free from entanglements, such as hair?
    1. Debris or Other Foreign Matter may be preventing the main brush from functioning. Please clean the main brush of the vacuum.

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