What Should I Do If My Tapo Robot Vacuum Reports Suction Errors?

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The suction fan is the main cleaning component of the Tapo Robot Vacuum. Its main function is to suck dust and debris into the dustbin, and there are 4 adjustable suction levels: Quiet, Standard, Turbo, and Max.

If you receive errors regarding your Tapo Robot Vacuum’s suction, please try the following troubleshooting steps:

1. Remove the main brush and check if the suction fan has become obstructed or stuck due to debris or other objects.

2. Empty the dustbin using the steps below:

a) Remove the dustbin and water tank.

b) Open the dustbin door to empty the dustbin into a waste receptacle.

c) Place the dustbin back inside the Robot Vacuum.

3.Clean the Air Filter using the steps below:

a) Remove the dustbin and open the lid.

b) Remove the filter.

c) Gently clean the filter with a cleaning brush.

d) Wash the dustbin and filter.

Note: Do not use hot water or detergents when washing the filter.

e) Allow the filter and dustbin to air dry thoroughly and completely, then reinstall the filter in its original orientation.

4. Restart your Tapo Robot Vacuum.

If the issue persists, please Contact Support 

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