What Should I do if the Front Bumper of My Robot Vacuum Gets Stuck?

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The front bumper is the semi-circular black part in front of the Robot Vacuum. Its main function is to provide a buffering effect of the collision force when the Robot Vacuum accidentally hits an object. This prevents the parts from inside the vacuum from being damaged by the force of the collision and serves to help prevent damage to your furniture.

If the front bumper of your Robot Vacuum gets stuck, please try the following troubleshooting steps:

1. Check for any foreign material in the front bumper. You can pick up the Robot Vacuum to check the bottom of the front bumper for any debris that may have been wedged into the crevice.

2. If there is debris or objects wedged, gently tap the bumper several times to loosen any debris. This should cause any loose objects or debris to fall off the vacuum..

If the issue still persists, please Contact Support

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