What can I do if HomeShield Security + blocks a safe website or URL?

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Web Protection is a key element of the Real-Time Protection services offered by HomeShield Security +, which is powered by Avira. Web Protection keeps you safe from dangerous web content that falls under the categories of phishing, malware, spam, or fraud.

In rare cases, you may encounter a situation where Web Protection mistakenly blocks a harmless website/URL, which is known as a “false positive” detection, or false alarm, according to Avira.

In this case, we suggest following the steps below to submit a ‘Suspected False Positive’ request on the official Avira website. Once submitted, Avira will remove the URL from their filter list as long as your submission passes their verification process.

Step 1. Go to https://www.avira.com/en/analysis/submit-url

Step 2. Click Submit suspicious URLURLs and select Suspected False Positive URLs (Not Malware).

Step 3. Fill in the URL of the website(s) and the details of the false positive, then click Submit.

Note: You need to add https:// or http:// ahead of the domain name, as shown in the example below. Otherwise, the submission will not be successful since the URL is incomplete.

If the above suggestions do not resolve the problem, please contact TP-Link support.


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