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The contents of this article can help you quickly and easily find where a certain function, menu, or icon is located in the Tapo Camera App.

  1. Home
    1. Detection
      1. Motion Detection
      2. Person Detection/ Vehicle Detection
      3. Line-Crossing Detection
      4. Area Intrusion Detection
      5. Camera Tampering
    2. Tapo Care
    3. Storage & Recording
    4. Video & Display
      1. Night Mode Settings
      2. Video Quality
      3. Privacy Zones
      4. On-screen Display Info
      5. Display Tag On Screen
    5. Advanced Settings
      1. Camera Account
      2. Camera Frequency
      3. Voice Call Mode
      4. Display Settings
      5. Diagnostics
  2. Cameras
  3. Smart
  4. Me

1. Home

At the Home menu in the Tapo app, tapping a device card (the square containing the device icon and name) allows you to obtain more detailed information related to the device.

The Tapo C320WS is used as an example below. After tapping the camera card, the live view interface and various functions become available.

Tapping the gear icon (top-right) allows you to enter the Device Settings page. Additional camera features and details are available in this menu.


1.1 Detection

1.1.1 Motion Detection

In this menu you can adjust motion detection sensitivity and customize activity zones.

1.1.2. Person Detection/Vehicle Detection

This feature allows you to receive instant notifications when a person or vehicle is detected (if notifications have been enabled). You can also adjust sensitivity for person and vehicle detection.

Note: AI Detection includes person, vehicle, pet, package detections, etc. Available detection types vary between camera models. In this example, the Tapo C320WS is used.


1.1.3 Line-Crossing Detection

This feature can be used to set a boundary within the camera’s field of view and receive a notification anytime a person or object crosses it from either direction.

1.1.4. Area Intrusion Detection

This feature allows you to set a specific activity zone in which you will receive a notification when a person enters the zone.

​​​​​​​1.1.5 Camera Tampering

This feature, when enabled, allows you to receive a notification when someone or something obstructs the camera’s view.

1.2 Tapo Care

Tapo Care is a subscription service package offered by TP-Link for Tapo Camera video cloud storage.

1.3 Storage & Recording

In this menu, you can check the microSD card status and enable/disable the loop recording function.

1.4 Video & Display

1.4.1 Night Mode Settings

This menu allows you to change the night vision mode settings. Depending on your selection, images and video will be either black-and-white or colorful at night.

Note: Night mode features and options vary between camera models. The Tapo C320WS is used as an example in this case.

1.4.2 Video Quality

In this menu you can adjust the video quality. Higher-quality video requires a faster internet connection and more storage space.

Note: Video quality options may vary between camera models. The Tapo C320WS is used as an example in this case.

1.4.3 Privacy Zones

You can enable Privacy Zones and customize Zones for privacy protection.

1.4.4 On-screen Display Info

You can customize information that appears as an overlay in the camera’s live view and recorded footage.

1.4.5 Display Tag On Screen

Toggling this feature on will display the Live and Speed tags on the screen for this camera.

1.5 Advanced Settings

1.5.1 Camera Account

This section allows you to create an account for camera login via third-party portals (e.g., RTSP).

1.5.2 Camera Frequency

Depending on your region, the powerline frequency may vary (50Hz or 60Hz). If you notice flickering in the camera’s live feed or video, try changing the powerline frequency setting.

1.5.3 Voice Call Mode

If you encounter any difficulty with the clarity or volume of the audio of the camera, changing the setting to Compatible Mode may help.

1.5.4 Display Settings

Using Compatible Mode under Display Settings may help if the screen is green, gray, or flickering.


1.5.5 Diagnostics

Turning this feature on enables the camera to save logs for troubleshooting purposes.

2. Cameras

Home Mode/Away Mode

Adding cameras allows you to apply home mode or away mode status to the device(s). If you disable Privacy Mode, you can turn on/off Detection, Alarm, and Notifications.

3. Smart

4. Me

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