How to set up my TP-Link Kasa Smart Wire-Free camera

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Follow the instructions in this article step by step to go through the entire setup process, then you can control your Kasa Smart Wire-Free camera with the Kasa Smart app.

Before we begin:

1. Download the Kasa Smart app from the App Store or Google Play and install it on your smartphone.

2. Connect your smartphone to your home Wi-Fi network.

Follow the steps below, here take KC300S2 as a demonstration:

1. Open the Kasa Smart app, and log into your cloud account.

If you don’t have a cloud account, refer to How to create a TP-Link Cloud Account on Kasa app?

2. Tap the “+” icon and select “Add a Device”, then tap “Cameras” and select your model number.

3. Add the Kasa hub:

a) Plug in the Kasa hub and connect it to your router. Wait till its light ring blinks orange and green.

b) The app will find the Kasa hub and you can give it a name.

4. Add the Kasa camera:

a) Ensure the camera is next to the hub. Power on the Kasa camera. Wait till its light blinks orange and green.

b) The camera will search for available hubs. Wait for a moment, the app will check for updates as well.

c) After that, press the Sync button on the camera for at least one second, the light on the camera will flash green. Wait for a moment, the camera will connect to the Kasa hub.

5. Name the Kasa camera.

6. Enable the Power Save mode and Activity Notifications as needed.

7. Follow app instructions to mount your camera, or you can do it later.

Now the Kasa camera is successfully set up and you can start using it.

If you need further assistance, contact TP-Link Customer Support.

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