What should I do if Tether App fails to display the correct number of clients?

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Tether App could display detailed clients info of TP-Link products, and customers may manage and control their clients by changing the client name or icon of these devices. You may refer to How to check detailed client information and change the icon & name of your client via Tether App to check more details. However, if Tether APP fails to display the correct number of clients or even displays client number as 0, how could we manage the client devices? This article will guide you what troubleshooting should be done when you meet this issue.


Step 1. Verify whether web interface of TP-Link products displays the correct number of clients or not. You may refer to the following instruction to login your TP-Link products.

Wi-Fi router: How do I log into the web-based Utility (Management Page) of TP-Link wireless router?

Range Extender: How to log into the Web GUI of my Range Extender via IP address or domain name?

DSL modem router: How to log into the web-based interface of the AC VDSL/ADSL Modem Router?

3G/4G Wi-Fi router: How to log into the web-based management interface of TP-Link Wireless Dual Band 4G LTE Router? ( new logo)

Step 2. Refresh client page on Tether APP or try to re-open Tether APP.

Step 3. Reboot TP-Link products.

Step 4. Save the configuration file of TP-Link products. You may go to System Tools-> Backup and Restore part to back up and save the configuration files.

Step 5. Contact TP-Link technical Support with the following information.

1. The screenshots of client page on TP-Link web interface.

2. Results of step 2 and 3.

3. Configuration file of TP-Link products.


Get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

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