Fixing the “Directory Traversal” security vulnerability for TL-WA701ND

Security Advisory
Updated 08-21-2017 16:49:02 PM 9553
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A customer recently informed us of a specific security vulnerability that exist on the TL-WA701ND.  With this “Directory Traversal” security vulnerability, an attacker may have the possibility to view the system files of the TL-WA701ND.  The basic principle of this attack is for the attacker to create an URL request towards the customer’s computer, by using a combination of specific commands and paths. If the attack is successful, then this security vulnerability will be exploited on this device.


At TP-Link, our customer’s security comes first. TP-Link began to analyze this security vulnerability as soon as the feedback was received.  Finding the root cause a new firmware to fix the “Directory Traversal” security vulnerability has been launched.


Customer can get this new Firmware form the website link below:


For further questions or concerns, please contact TP-Link here.

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