How many Deco units can I add to my network?

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Using Wireless Backhaul:


In most cases, for optimal performance, we recommend no more than 6 Decos in a single network. A Maximum of 10 Decos while using wireless backhaul is possible but performance may be hindered.


Using Ethernet or Hybrid (Wireless and Ethernet) Backhaul:


In Theory, there is no limit to how many Decos can be in a single network. For networks using WiFi 5 (AC) Decos, we do recommend limiting the number of Deco units to 6.  This will ensure the best possible performance for your network. If you are using WiFi 6 or higher Decos then you should be able to expand the system as you see fit.

Click here to learn more about Ethernet backhaul

Additional Tips:

  • Wireless throughput and stability generally will not increase as the number of Decos increases. Expansion should only be needed to fill in “dead zones”
  • Wireless throughput and performance will differ by environment due to home layout, obstacles, distances between Deco units, etc.
  • Planning unit placement before purchase will optimize your overall experience
  • Support is available 24/7 to assist with any questions you may have


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