Smart Wi-Fi Dimmer Light Switch, Matter

  • Matter Certified – Integrate Matter-certified Tapo devices with other Matter end products into your preferred ecosystem.
  • Brightness Control – Control the brightness of your lights to set the ideal ambiance for different activities.
  • Fade On/Off – Slowly increase brightness or dim to off when turning lights on/off
  • Voice Control – Manage your smart switch with voice commands via Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri®, or Google Assistant.
  • Remote Control – Instantly turn connected devices on/off from wherever you are through the Tapo app.
  • Schedule – Preset a schedule to automatically manage devices.
  • Away Mode – Randomly turns devices on and off at different times to give the appearance that someone is home.
  • Smarter with Sensors – Create Smart Actions triggered by Tapo smart sensors for greater automation.

Customize Lighting Ambience from Anywhere

Smart Wi-Fi Light Dimmer Switch


    Smart Dimming


    Fade On/Off


    Voice Control


    Remote Control


    Set Schedules


    Away Mode


    Smarter with Sensors


    Unprecedented Compatibility

Meet Matter
All-Round Compatibility

With Matter support, using one app to control all smart devices is no longer a fantasy. Integrate Tapo Matter devices into your favorite ecosystems to create a unified smart home.

Brightness Control

Control the brightness of lights in any room and set the ambience for any activity. Designed to dim today's energy efficient LEDs as well as traditional incandescent bulbs.

*The actual lighting effect varies according to the connected lights.

Fade On/Off

Smart dimmer switches smoothly adjust lighting levels without sudden eye-irritating brightness or darkness. Fade off the lights in your child’s bedroom as they drift off to sleep.

Voice Control

Use simple voice commands to turn on/off your connected devices or set lighting levels via Siri®, Alexa, Google Assistant, or any other Matter-compliant voice assistant.

Hey Siri®, dim the living room light to 50% brightness.

Local Control

Your connected devices in your local area network (LAN) remain accessible via the Tapo app or other Matter-compatible smart home control centers, even when the household goes offline.

Control from Anywhere

Control the lighting ambience of your home spaces from anywhere, at any time using the Tapo app.


Smarter with Sensors1

Effortlessly control your lights by setting automation or scenes triggered by Tapo smart sensors.

Tapo Hub Tapo Sensor TS25
1. Tapo Smart Sensors are sold separately. When working with smart sensors, the Tapo Hub is required.

More Versatile with a Tapo Smart Button2

Pair with a Tapo Smart Button to turn your single-pole dimmer switch into a 3-way or even 4-way dimmer switch without rewiring.

Tapo Hub Tapo Button TS25
2. TS25 is a Single Pole dimmer switch and not compatible with 3-way wiring. Tapo Smart Buttons are sold separately. When working with a Tapo Smart Button, the Tapo Hub is required.
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    Set Scenes

    Control multiple devices all at once for a customizable scene. Instantly set the perfect ambience for any activity.

  • a record videos icon,a SD card icon,a timer icon


    Use Schedules to set your smart dimmer switch to automatically turn on and off.


  • The Tapo C500,a tapocare icon, and the Tapo app is being displayed on a phone.

    Share to Family

    The Matter protocol enables family members to access your home's smart products through different control ecosystems.

  • Tapo C500 are install at different positions

    Away Mode

    Automatically turn on and off connected appliances, like lights, to make it appear as if you're home.

Enjoy Easy, Friendly Setup

Tapo offers users multiple options to simplify configuration experiences. Use Bluetooth to easily onboard the smart switch with the Tapo app. Users can also set up TS25 by scanning the included code with any Matter-compatible app, such as the Alexa app, Google Home app, and Apple Home app.

Scan the QR code to download Tapo app:

the qrcode to download the tapo app
logo of tapo app

Easy to Install

  • icon

    Turn off the circuit breaker.
    Then remove the old wallplate of the wall switch and label the Ground and Neutral wires.
    Then disconnect the wires from the old switch.

  • icon

    Turn on the circuit breaker.
    Use a voltage detector to identify the energized wire (Line wire).
    Then turn off the circuit breaker. Label the Line and Load wires.


    Take care to avoid electric shocks.

    Line wire Load wire
  • icon

    Connect the wires to the smart dimmer switch as shown below.

    To Light Power Source
  • Ground: Usually green or copper.
  • Neutral: Usually white, and not connected to the dumb switch.
  • Line: Usually black and coming from the circuit breaker.
  • Load: Usually black. One end is connected to the light.
  • If you are unsure, consult a qualified electrician.
Protocol IEEE 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth (for setup only)
Wireless Type 2.4 GHz WiFi Only, Bluetooth 4.2 (for setup only)
Dimensions( H X W X D ) 5.04 × 3.33 × 1.77 in (128 × 84.6 × 44.9 mm)
Material PC (V-0, UL 94), Flame-retardant
Buttons Brightness Indicators
LED indicator
Decrease/Increase Brightness Buttons
On/Off Button
Restart Button
Reset Button
Working Status
Rated 120V~, 60Hz
Maximum Load 300W INC/HAL,150W LED (TRIAC Dimmable)
Dimmable Leading Edge Dimming / TRIAC Phase Cut
Third-Party Platform • Matter-Certified
• Apple Home
• Alexa
• Google Assistant
• Samsung SmartThings
Package Contents TS25 × 4
Wall Plates × 4
Wire Nuts × 8
Screws × 8
Wire Labels
Quick Start Guide
Certifications FCC, UL, RoHS
Environment 0 ºC ~ 40 ºC (32°F ~ 104°F)
10%~90% RH, Non-condensing