The Simplest Way to Create Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi

Experience strong, stable, and seamless wireless connections throughout your home with EasyMesh.*

A whole home mesh standard works across different access points for ultimate flexibility.

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* Routers and range extenders must compatible with EasyMesh or OneMesh™. Firmware upgrades may be required.


    Main Router

    EasyMesh-Compatible Router for Network Onboarding & Management


    Satellite Devices

    EasyMesh-Compatible Routers and Range Extenders for Network Expansion

  • EasyMesh

    Whole Home Seamless Network

Why EasyMesh


    Can’t get Wi-Fi in your


    Whole Home Coverage


    Dropped connections while walking around the house?


    Seamless Roaming


    Tired of complicated
    Wi-Fi setup?


    One-Click Settings


    New mesh systems eat up your budget?


    Flexible Scalability

Seamless Wi-Fi Connections with
One Network Name

Connects mobile devices to your routers or extenders that provide the best coverage. Devices compatible with EasyMesh also share a single Wi-Fi name so you stay connected in every room.

Traditional Router with Extender

EasyMesh Router + Range Extender

Main Router

Stability Meets Flexibility

Pick-and-Choose as You Like

Choose from a wide range of models to build your solid whole-home mesh network with EasyMesh-compatible TP-Link routers.

All EasyMesh-Compatible Routers / Range Extenders

All OneMesh™ Range Extenders

One-Click Settings

Seamless Wi-Fi at Your Fingertips

  • 1

    Determine your main router.

  • 2

    Determine your satellite devices.*

  • 3

    Press the WPS buttons to set up the whole home mesh network.



Main Router

Satellite Devices

*Routers should change to satellite mode.

Setup Video Guide

  • Setup Video for TP-Link EasyMesh-Compatible Devices

    Setup via Web