Controller Software

The EAP Controller is used to manage multiple EAPs intensively.


Data di pubblicazione: 2024-02-05 Lingua: Multi-language Dimensioni file: 283.05 MB
Sistema operativo: Windows 7/8/10/11/Server


Data di pubblicazione: 2024-01-12 Lingua: Multi-language Dimensioni file: 189.10 MB
Sistema operativo: Ubuntu 16.04/18.04/20.04/22.04, Debian 8/9/10


Data di pubblicazione: 2024-01-12 Lingua: Multi-language Dimensioni file: 201.49 MB
Sistema operativo: Ubuntu 16.04/18.04/20.04/22.04, Debian 8/9/10


Data di pubblicazione: 2024-01-11 Lingua: Multi-language Dimensioni file: 282.50 MB
Sistema operativo: Windows 7/8/10/11/Server

Omada Discovery Utility

Omada Discovery Utility 5.1.1

Data di pubblicazione: 2023-12-26 Lingua: English Dimensioni file: 40.06 MB
Sistema operativo: Windows/Mac OS/Linux

New Feature/Enhancement:
1. Enhanced compatibility with new models of Omada devices. 

1. To run this software, you need to install JRE 8.0 on your PC first.
2. Double-click the software or run the command "java -jar **.jar" to run the software on MacOS (**.jar is the name of this software).
3. Omada Controller and Discover Utility cannot run on the same computer at the same time.

MIBs Files

TP-Link_JetStream Switch_MIB

Data di pubblicazione: 2022-09-15 Lingua: English Dimensioni file: 200.41 KB
Sistema operativo: Windows/Mac OS/Linux


TP-Link USB Console Driver

Data di pubblicazione: 2023-02-22 Lingua: English Dimensioni file: 3.65 MB
Sistema operativo: Windows 7/8/10/11/Server

New Feature/Enhancement:

1. Added support for TL-SG3428(UN) V2.20 and V2.26, TL-SG3428X(UN) V1.20 and V1.26, TL-SG3428XMP(UN) V3.0 and V3.6, TL-SG3428MP(UN) V6.0 and V6.6.



1. This driver is also compatible with other TP-Link Omada switches with USB console ports.

2. If you are using Windows 7 and are experiencing problems with error code 52, please install the security update KB3033929 for Windows 7.

Setup Video

  • How to Set Up the Whole Network of Gateway, Switches, and EAPs Using Omada SDN Controller

    This video will demonstration how to do a full configuration with TP-Link Omada products including gateway, switches and EAPs. As an example, we are going to build the wired and wireless networks from scratch at our TP-Link Office. The setup consists of 7 steps: Step 1. Log in to the Controller Step 2. Adopt Devices Step 3. View Dashboard and Menus Step 4. Set up WAN Step 5. Set up LAN and VLANs Step 6. Set up Wi-Fi Step 7. Set up ACL

    More Fold


Un aggiornamento firmware può risolvere problemi, aumentare le performance o introdurre nuove funzionalità.

Come aggiornare

  • È strettamente necessario verificare modello e versione hardware prima di scaricare ed installare ogni firmware.
  • È possibile installare solamente firmware creati per modello e versione hardware in uso.
  • Il caricamento di un firmware non appropriato può danneggiare irrimediabilmente il dispositivo e ne invalida la garanzia.
  • Assicurarsi di non interrompere l’alimentazione del dispositivo e del computer durante l’aggiornamento.
  • I firmware sono scaricabili esclusivamente in formato compresso: è necessario estrarre il firmware aprendo l’archivio compresso tramite un software di decompressione e salvandolo sul desktop.



(TL-)SX3206HPP(UN)_V1_1.20.0 Build 20231011

Data di pubblicazione: 2024-01-08 Lingua: English Dimensioni file: 16.99 MB

This firmware is fully adapted to Omada SDN Controller v5.9 and above.

The TL-SX3206HPP(UN)1.0 can be upgraded using this firmware, and the upgrade will result in the following changes:
1. Remove "TL-" from the Device Name.
2. Hardware version will change from V1.0 to V1.20.
3. JetStream in the System Description will be changed to Omada.

Bug Fix:
1. Fix the bug that the client could not get an IP address after binding ACLs on the port.
2. Fix the bug of slow RSTP convergence after device reboot.

TL-SX3206HPP(UN)_V1_1.0.4 Build 20230702

Data di pubblicazione: 2023-07-25 Lingua: English Dimensioni file: 15.85 MB
New Feature/Enhancement:
1. Fully adapted to Omada Controller v5.9, with the following features supported:
1) CLI Configuration;
2) IPv6 features, including MLD Snooping, Legal DHCPv6 Server, ACL, Static Route, etc.;
3) IP-Port Mask type for Group profiles;
4) Network topology optimization by reporting LLDP information to the Omada Controller;
5) Device Info;
6) Tools, including Network Check, and Terminal.
2. Modified the working mechanism of DHCP Snooping.
3. Modified the working mechanism of MVR.
4. Increased the Circuit ID of DHCP Option 82 from 64 to 128 symbols.
5. Expanded the ERPS Ring ID from 1-8 to 1-255 available.
6. Added support for the CLI to display the DHCP lease times for IMPB binding entries learned by DHCP Snooping.
7. Expanded the description of hostname, port, and interface to 128 symbols.
8. Expanded the Banner MOTD to 1,024 symbols.
9. Upgraded SSH algorithms.
10. LLDP-MED can set vid and L2 priority fields at the same time.
11. Enable DHCP Auto install by default.
12. Support for obtaining IPv6 prefixes as Client.
13. Add support for reboot/reset of the device via CLI in Controller mode.
14. Optimized the default NTP server used by the device.
15. Optimized the log that the device would frequently report high CPU occupancy after a large number of VLANs were configured.
Bug Fixed:
1. Fix the bug that LLDP aging caused VoIP ports to be removed from VLAN.
2. Fix the bug that Loopback-Detection does not detect VLAN that may lead to loops.
1. Your device's configuration won't be lost after upgrading.

TL-SX3206HPP(UN)_V1_1.0.3 Build 20230131

Data di pubblicazione: 2023-03-13 Lingua: English Dimensioni file: 15.75 MB

New Features & Enhancements:
1. Fully adapted to Omada Controller v5.6, with the following features supported:
1) Jumbo Frame;
2) EEE;
3) Flow Control (802.3x);
4) Loopback Detection VLAN-Based;
5) LACP (802.3ad);
6) DHCP L2 Relay;
7) Time-Based ACL;
8) MAC address format customization for 802.1X.
2. Increased the number of route to 176.

Bug Fixed:
1. Fixed the bug of slowly increasing memory usage.
2. Fixed the bug that frequent SNMP operations may cause the switch to crash.

1. For TL-SX3206HPP(UN) V1 and V1.6
2. This firmware is fully adapted to Omada SDN Controller v5.6 and above.

Codice Open Source (GPL)

I prodotti TP-LINK contengono software sviluppato da terze parti, incluso software distribuito con licenza GPL (GNU General Public Licence versione 1, 2 o 3) o con licenza LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License): l'utilizzo di questo software è possibile entro limiti e condizioni stabiliti dalla tipologia di licenza con la quale è distribuito e specificate a questo link. È possibile ottenere il codice sorgente soggetto a GPL e la lista dei prodotti che utilizzano tale codice all'interno del Centro sorgenti GPL.

I relativi software sono distribuiti con formula di TOTALE ESCLUSIONE DI GARANZIA; non sono pertanto garantite COMMERCIABILITÀ e/o IDONEITÀ PER QUALSIASI UTILIZZO SPECIFICO.

Per ulteriori informazioni consultare il testo GNU General Public License.


Omada APP

TP-Link Omada consente di configurare le impostazioni, monitorare lo stato della rete e gestire i client, il tutto comodamente da uno smartphone o tablet. Per saperne di più Compatible Devices.

Nota: Lo switch/router SDN è compatibile con l'App Omada solo in modalità controller. Per utilizzare Omada, aggiornare il firmware del dispositivo alla versione più recente.

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