What if the wires are too short, soft, or stiff to connect when installing Tapo floodlight camera?

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When installing the Tapo floodlight camera on your existing junction box or with existing electrical wires, you may encounter the following situations:

• The wires from the junction box or wall are too short to connect.

• The wires from the junction box or wall are too soft to connect.

• The wires from the junction box or wall are too stiff to connect.

To deal with these situations, you can use extension wires and wire nuts/connectors.

When you use click flow connectors or a connector strip as below, please use the heat shrink tubes to cover the connectors and extension wires outside (at least 8 mm).

Note: If it is too difficult for you, please consult a licensed electrician.

If you use wires nuts, please refer to the following steps.

  1. Align the Neutral wire (usually white/blue) with the white extension wire ends.

Note: To identify wire colors, you can refer to https://www.tp-link.com/support/faq/3474/

  1. Place one wire nut connector over the wires. Twist the wire nut clockwise to tighten the wires.

  1. Repeat the above steps to extend the Line wire (usually black/brown/red) using the black extension wire and another wire nut.

When installing on the existing junction box:

When installing with existing electrical wires:

  1. Use two heat shrink tubes to cover the wire nuts and wires outside (at least 8 mm).
  2. Follow the Quick Start Guide to wire the bracket and install the floodlight camera. Do not turn on the circuit breaker before completing the installation.

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