What should I do if I fail to configure Tapo Camera?

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The Tapo App will guide you step-by-step during the initial configuration, however, you may not be able to get through all the steps due to some interference. This FAQ will tell you what to do if you have trouble getting through a certain step.


1. Install the latest Tapo App from the App Store or Google Play.

2. Choose the correct camera model during the configuration process.

3. Please ensure the System LED is blinking red and green, if not, reset the camera by pressing and holding on the RESET button for over 5s until the LED blinks red.

Case 1 Cannot see the Smart device’s Wi-Fi on the phone

Step 1

Ensure Tapo Cam is powered on with the rated voltage.

Step 2

Power off the device for few minutes, then power cycle and reset the Tapo Cam, ensure its LED blinking red and green. Otherwise, reset it by pressing and holding the RESET button for over 5s until the LED blinks red.

Step 3

iOS: Go to the Settings page, click on the Wi-Fi option to connect to the Tapo Cam’s Wi-Fi manually.

Android: Go to the Settings page to connect to the Tapo Cam’s Wi-Fi network. Once it’s connected, the phone will search the camera automatically.

Step 4

Choose the right wireless network to connect, which SSID should be ‘Tapo_Cam_XXXX’. (XXXX is usually the last 4 bits of the device's MAC Address).

Step 5

Change the location for setting up the smart device to reduce the possible interference in the same frequency band at the original location (to avoid interference from devices such as Bluetooth, USB 3.0, microwave ovens, ZigBee devices, etc).

Step 6

Reboot the phone to have a try, or try a different phone.

Case 2 App displays the error message "unable to connect to your Tapo camera Wi-Fi"

Step 1

Place the smartphone close to the device to make sure the device Wi-Fi signal is strong enough(full bars of Wi-Fi).

Step 2

Make sure there is no VPN or VPN software like Lookout and AdGuard on the phone. If there is a VPN running, turn off the VPN on the phone.

Note: If the phone pops up a message "this Wi-Fi network is unsecured unprotected, your privacy

and data may be at risk" with 2 options: Disconnect or connect anyway, don't worry about it, just select "connect anyway", then continue the setup.

Step 3 (Only for iPhone/iPad)

Click on "Settings" on your phone and find Tapo APP on the list, then enable the "Local Network" option. Reopen the APP and try again. If you can't find "Local Network" permission, please go back to APP and click "I’ve already given Local Network Permission".

Step 4

Choose the right wireless network to connect, which SSID should be ‘Tapo_Cam _XXXX’. (XXXX is usually the last 4 bits of the device's MAC Address).

Step 5

Make certain you choose the Correct Model when Add device in Tapo App.

Step 6

Make sure the smartphone is always connected to the device’s Wi-Fi when App shows the smartphone is connecting to the device.

Note: Some phones prefer to connect to a remembered network automatically instead of an unsecured network, in this case, please forget the profile of the remembered network first.

Refer to the link:


Step 7

Use another smartphone for setting up the device again.

Case 3 Can’t find the Wi-Fi name of the router

Step 1

Make certain the Wi-Fi network is an encrypted 2.4GHz network. Tapo Cam doesn’t support 5GHz,and unable to connect to the unencrypted network. The signal strength of your Wi-Fi should be adequate, move the camera closer to your router if not.

Step 2

If it doesn’t display the Wi-Fi name of your router automatically, please click on “Rescan” to refresh the Wi-Fi list multiple times to see if you can find it.

Step 3

If the router’s SSID is hidden, please choose “Other” to input SSID and password manually.

Step 4

Try to configure the Tapo Cam with a different phone.

Step 5

Reset the camera by pressing and holding the RESET button for over 5s until the LED blinks red, then go through the process again.

Case 4 App showing cannot connect Tapo Cam to the router's network

Step 1

Ensure the smart device is close to the router to get strong signal strength and input the correct Wi-Fi password on App.

Step 2

Ensure VPN is Disabled on the phone and router.

Step 3

Ensure smartphone is always connected to router’s independent 2.4G Wi-Fi when App connects smart device to home network.

Step 4

If the camera is connected to a range extender, try to set it up and connect to the main Wi-Fi network.

Step 5

Try a different phone and router. You could connect Tapo Cam to an independent 2.4 G Guest Wi-Fi/Hotspot for a try.

Step 6

Try to reset the camera by pressing and holding the RESET button for over 5s until the LED blinks red, and start over with the setup process again.

Case 5 Error Code “Pairing failed" or "Failed to receive an IP address"


If the battery-powered cameras fail to pair with the Tapo H200, you may refer to this article:


Please contact TP-Link technical support with the following information if you still failed to configure the Tapo camera after the above suggestions.

1) Your TP-Link ID or cloud account;

2) The model number of your Tapo Cam and its MAC address;

3) Whether you have tried all suggestions listed as above or not. If yes, what are the results?

Get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

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