How to control Smart Devices by Amazon Echo with voice commands?

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First of all, please link your TP-Link Kasa devices to Amazon Echo: Connect your TP-Link Kasa Device to Amazon Alexa

Universal control commands:

1. “Alexa.”

This command awakes Alexa to receive further orders. Hearing this command the circle light on the top of Echo turns blue.

2. “Alexa, find devices.”

This command activates device discovery. If you have linked your Kasa account to Echo, smart devices bound to this Kasa account should be found.

3. “Alexa, turn on/off device_name.”

This command has the Echo turn on/off the smart devices called “device_name”.

Kasa Scene control command:

Now Alexa has added support to control the scene you created on Kasa! You can just use the simple command below:

1.”Alexa, turn on Kasa_scene”

2.” Alexa, turn Kasa_scene on”

This command has the Echo turn on the scene called “Kasa_scene”.

Note: Before doing that, you should make sure the scene has been identified by Alexa App first.

For more information about how to create Kasa scene please refer to:

How to use creating scene function in KASA APP?

Smart Dimmer Switch commands:

1. “Alexa, dim/brighten the Dimmer_name.”

This command dims/brightens the brightness of the smart Dimmer called Dimmer_name in increments of 25%.

2. “Alexa, turn/set the Dimmer_name to amount percent.”

This command adjusts the brightness of the smart bulb called Dimmer_name by amount percent as requested.

Smart Bulb control commands:

1. “Alexa, dim/brighten the bulb_name.”

This command dim/brighten the brightness of the smart bulb called bulb_name in increments of 25%.

2. “Alexa, turn/set the bulb_name to amount percent.”

This command adjusts the brightness of the smart bulb called bulb_name by amount percent as requested.

3. “Alexa, set the bulb_name to warm/cool white”

This command adjusts the color temperature of the smart bulb called bulb_name to warm/cool white.

Smart Bulb Color control command: (LB130 only)

“Alexa set bulb_name to color_name.”

This command changes the color of smart bulb called bulb_name’s to color_name as requested.

*Note: Not all color names works, but you still have over a hundred color options, including the following:















Sky blue





The Alexa has a built-in timer function that will perform the action desired after telling it to wait an “x” amount of time.

Instance: Ask Alexa " turn on the bedroom light after 10 minutes"

To achieve this inquiry, you need to create “Routines” on the Alexa app, for details instructions, please contact Alexa support.

For example

In Alexa app, when setup “Routines”, the trigger is

Voice: Alexa, turn on the bedroom light after 10 minutes,

The action is

Wait(Action 1): set timer to 10 minutes.

Device(Action 2): Turn on the bedroom light

When you say the voice command “Alexa, turn on the bedroom light after 10 minutes”, the bedroom light will be turned on after 10 minutes.

More Relevant

  1. You can create a group to simultaneously control all devices in it with universal control command. (The group we mentioned is created on the Alexa app, not on the Kasa app)

For example, if you create a group called “bedroom”, which contains two smart devices HS110(Called “Plug”) and LB130(Called “Lamp”), then you can simultaneously control them via the command “Alexa, turn on/off bedroom.”

But you can’t say “Alexa, dim/brighten the bedroom.”

For this purpose you have to control them separately by “Alexa, dim/brighten the Lamp.”

  1. The supported language of the voice command is decided by Amazon Alexa. Currently only English and German are available.

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