6-Port AC Outlets & 3-Port USB Charging Ports Surge Protector

  • Crucial part of setting up a stable, comprehensive workstation
  • High speed universal charging 
  • Integrated design
  • Devices are protected against spikes and storms
  • Multiple safety protection

6-Port AC Outlets &
3-Port USB Charging Ports Surge Protector


Power Supply Expansion while protecting your devices

Crucial Part of Setting up a stable, Comprehensive Workstation

SP290 equipped with 6 standard AC outlets and 3 Smart USB ports to keep all your devices fully powered.

6x Standard
AC Outlets

The power strip features 6 EU outlets with 3680W total rated power for efficient power supply, which avoids accidental outages. Besides, it provides universal AC 100-240V wide voltage for cities or distance places.

3x Smart USB Charging Ports

Built-in Smart IC technology USB ports detect your devices intelligently and automatically deliver the fastest possible outputs to 3 of any devices at the same time.



High-Speed Universal Charging

TP-Link Smart Charging, intelligently identifies the connected devices and delivers the possible fastest charge, working well with smart devices running iOS, Android, Windows and most other USB-charged devices

  • Windows

Integrated Design

Built from high quality materials according to strict manufacturing
standards, this surge protector equipped with:


    High Quality
    Polycarbonate Shell

    •   Anti-flammability
    •   Durable

    Bronze Alloy Conductor

    •   Anti - Oxidation*
    •   Anti-Fatigue

    High Quality
    Integrated Circuit Plate

    •   Overload Protection
    •   Safety Guaranteed
*Tin-nickel coating that possesses a higher anti - oxidation effect on the phosphor bronze conductor and decreasing crack reflection on the conductor

Devices are protected against spikes and storms

Rated to withstand a power surge of up to 700 joules, this surge protector provides superior
power protection for all your valuable electronic devices against power spikes or storms.

*if the protected or grounded indicator goes out, this unit will no longer provide surge protection as intended and should be replaced.

Multiple Safety Protection

Safety Guaranteed Incorporate the latest safety features to protect your devices and
ensuring a reliable power supply

Added protection from

  •   Over-voltage
  •   Over-load
  •   Over-current
  •   Low-voltage
  •   Over-heating
  •   short circuit
Output Each USB Port Max. DC 5V/2.4A, Total Max. DC 5V/5A
Weight Each USB Port Max. DC 5V/2.4A, Total Max. DC 5V/5A
Dimensions 436.5(L) X 59.0(W) X 41.6(H) mm

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