A Suitable Networking Solution Improves the Overall Experience



Name: Arion Hotel

Industry: Hospitality

Scale: 4-Star Hotel

Capacity: 75 Rooms, 15 Suites

Location: Konstantinou Karamanli 3 - Xylokastro 204 00


Used Products

• Jetstream Switches

1× T1600G-52PS (TL-SG2452P)

8× T1500G-10PS (TL-SG2210P)

1× TL-SG1005P

1× TL-SG1024D

• Omada Access Points

90× EAP115-Wall

10× EAP225

2× EAP225-Outdoor

• Omada Controller

3× OC200



Just a few steps from the beach, 4-star Arion Hotel in Xylokastro Greece boasts its idyllic location and captures the hearts of those seeking to combine the provincial atmosphere of a picturesque town along with the crystalline waters of the Corinthian Gulf. Situated right next to the world-renowned pine forest of “Pefkias” and offering a fully organized beach bearing the same name, Arion Hotel is a true resort for coastal dreams!

The hotel was recently renovated, offering superb aesthetics, modern design, and a satisfactory WiFi experience. With a total of 75 rooms and 15 suites, Arion Hotel provides just the perfect accommodation option for families, couples, and corporate travelers, as well as enthusiasts who wish to discover the beauty of Northern Peloponnese. While enjoying the beauty of nature, guests who have never been away from modern society can still have reliable and high-speed WiFi available to ensure a pleasant stay.



The Arion Hotel turned to TP-Link for a reliable networking solution that would fulfill the following demands:

  • Creation of a LAN
  • Create four VLANs (with a specific QoS) for WiFi Corporate usage, WiFi Guest usage, WiFi On-Demand usage, and IPTV usage
  • Create three Portal pages (Corporate, Guest, and On-Demand)
  • Offer wireless and IPTV to customers for free and on-demand, including WiFiTTR (WiFi to the room services)
  • Manage the network both locally and remotely



TP-Link provided a suitable networking solution that met all the demands of the Arion Hotel.

TP-Link’s partner“Go Group SA (Wireless Networks Go Broadband)”, from Corfu island, went to Peloponnese and implemented the total project, along with business-critical Pre-Sales & After-Sales support by the Hellenic TP-Link office.

Backbone Network

For the backbone network, the implemented solution is based mainly on Fiber Optics and comprised of 1× T1600G-52PS (TL-SG2452P), 8× T1500G-10PS (TL-SG2210P), 1× TL-SG1024D, and 1× TL-SG1005P along of course with the proper GBICs (SFP modules), per kind of Fiber Optic cable. As a topology, most of the network implements the“Star” type and, due to lack of cabling, some“In a Row/Bus” connections.

Distributed Network

For the distributed network, the implemented solution is based on Copper cabling (Cat.6 – UTP & FTP) and comprised of 90× EAP115-Wall, 10× EAP225, and 2× EAP225-Outdoor. It worths mentioning that apart from the free or on-demand WiFiTTR services, Wall type access points and IPTV room services are also offered.

The Topology of the Distributed Network, based on the Rack/s Equipment of the Ground Floor:

The Topology of the Distributed Network, based on the Rack/s Equipment of the 3rd and 5th Floor:

Network Management

For WiFi network management, the implemented solution is based on TP-Link Cloud services and comprised of 3× OC200. The offered scaled management access via the Omada ecosystem is primarily used with project collaborators also using it (Go Group as admin and the Receptionist only rely on the “voucher manager” whenever needed).

The Topology of the Wi-Fi Network Management, based on the Rack/s Equipment of the Ground Floor:

The Topology of the Wi-Fi Network Management, based on the Rack/s Equipment of the 3rd Floor:

Seamless and High-Speed WiFi Experience

For a seamless and high-speed WiFi experience, the implemented solution makes use of Access Points with up-to-date WiFi technology. The solution ensures WiFi signal strength in every corner of the spacious rooms and entertainment facilities. Meanwhile, the deployment of outdoor APs also provides reliable WiFi performance to the customers when they are having fun outside.



The Arion Hotel has expressed intense satisfaction with their implemented solution.

The Omada ecosystem provides reliable network performance that the hotel needed.

Classic network demands have been met and can now be considered as standard at the Arion Hotel, including:

  • Backbone systems’ connectivity through Fiber Optics
  • Corporate network (into different subnet) for IPTV via the WiFiTTR method
  • Standard Wireless Corporate Subnet
  • WiFiTTR Services
  • On-Demand Wireless Guest Subnet
  • Standard Wireless Guest Subnet

“We knew that our premises had wiring problems. We have tried various other networking solutions to no avail. 

We greatly appreciated the fact that when we approached TP-Link and its partner (Go Group), they did not just try to sell us materials, but did a needs-based survey as well as site survey.

 It was crucial that the suggested design, installation, and operation, was not based on the best available solution but on the most suitable solution for our case, as the Project Manager of TP-Link said. The result was much more than the expected and contributes to a remarkable customer experience, along with a smooth hospitality operation.“


—-Commercial Manager of Arion Hotel


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