Embracing sustainable practices and technologies, TP-Link strives to minimize waste and emissions for enduring environmental impact.

Prioritize social responsibility, create a meaningful and lasting impact in our local communities.

“  As our lives grow ever more connected, TP-Link will continue to pursue excellence and explore the possibilities of tomorrow. This pursuit of excellence includes an emphasis on environmental, social, and governance measures to enhance the digital life of the communities we serve and deliver a positive impact on the planet. ”

— TP-Link CEO

Highlights of 2022

R&D Innovation

196 Patents

Talent Development

1,185 Training Sessions

Environmental Protection

19,163 Water Saved

Customer Rights and Interests


Direct Customer Satisfaction



Honesty and Integrity Agreement Signing Rate

Honors, Recognitions, and Qualifications

Globally recognized for superior products, technologies, and services, TP-Link has earned a collection of certifications since 2000, including ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO14064, ISO27001, ISO27701, among other international standards.*

*The ISO27001 and ISO27701 international standards are expected to be certified in June 2023.

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