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  • Omada Cloud Software Defined Networking (SDN)

    Omada’s Software Defined Networking (SDN) platform integrates network devices, including access points, switches and gateways, providing 100% centralized cloud management. Omada creates a highly scalable network—all controlled from a single interface. Seamless wireless and wired connections are provided, ideal for use in hospitality, education, retail, offices, and more.

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  • Omada 10G & 2.5G Multi-Gigabit Network Solution

    Omada offers 10G and 2.5G multi-gigabit switches and routers, and access points with 10GbE and 2.5GbE ports to form a powerful 10G and 2.5G multi-gigabit network solution, all being equipped with centralized management capability.


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  • WiFi 7

    Built for extremely high throughput, WiFi 7 (Wi-Fi 7) is the 7th generation of Wi-Fi. It greatly increases the speed and further reduces latency. Here is everything you need to know about it—what is WiFi 7, why we need WiFi 7, how it works and what it contribute. 

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  • Omada Long-Distance PtMP & PtP Wireless Bridge

    Omada outdoor wireless bridges are used to wirelessly connect the network or cameras between two or multiple remote locations, with one bridge access point in every location, eliminating the need of additional cabling. Designed for Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) & Point-to-Point (PtP) scenarios, they are particularly well-suited for use in parking lots, farms, plantations, orchards, barns, shops, residential areas, parks, and factories.


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  • Omada WiFi 6 (802.11ax)

    Need to deploy stable Wi-Fi in high-density environment? Try Omada Wi-Fi 6 technology!
    Omada Wi-Fi 6 access points greatly improve experiences in high-density environments, and provides faster speed and greater range for more devices.

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  • WPA3, the Newest Security Protocol

    Want to enhance the network security in public WiFi and home WiFi? Try TP-Link WPA3 technology!
    To maximum the safety of enterprise and your home WiFi, TP-Link is inserting WPA3, the latest encryption technology, into Omada access points, WiFi routers, range extenders, and more devices.

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  • Pharos Long-Range Wireless

    Need to transmit network to long range or remote areas? Try Pharos wireless solution!
    Pharos is TP-Link's next-generation outdoor product series, providing long-range outdoor wireless networking solutions for applications such as WISP, Enterprise Bridge (P2P), and Wireless Surveillance (PtMP).

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  • MAXtream

    Worried about buffering when using outdoor wireless broadband? Try TP-Link MAXtream technology!
    MAXtream, the breakthrough TDMA technology, makes outdoor AP smoother and produces more efficient communications.

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    Facing the annoying latency when multiple devices connected? Try TP-Link MU-MIMO technology!
    MU-MIMO solves this problem by creating multiple simultaneous connections to serve several users with multiple data streams at the same time.

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  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)

    Need to deploy your surveillance cameras in your farm? Try TP-Link PoE technology to transmit power and data through one single Ethernet cable.

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  • 10G Multi-Gigabit Managed Switches

    TP-Link's 10G/multi-gigabit managed switches are equipped with 10 Gbps fiber, 10 Gbps copper, or 2.5 Gbps Copper ports, offering maximum performance and low latency. Reliable and lightning-fast connections to WiFi 6 access points, storage servers, and other switches and devices are easily established. 

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  • LiteWave Unmanaged Switches

    Need to work at home or expand your wired connections? Try TP-Link LiteWave Switches!
    The TP-Link LiteWave Unmanaged Switches provide the simplest and most affordable way to expand your wired network. Just plug and play!

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  • AI Making Video Monitoring a Breeze

    AI can equip your network video cameras with digital brains, enabling them to analyze video automatically.  Backed by AI chips and deep-learning algorithms, AI-powered cameras integrate real-time monitoring, accurate alarms, fast target searching, and more, making your video monitoring effortless!


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  • VIGI ColorPro Night Vision

    VIGI’s industry-leading ColorPro Night Vision technology enables its cameras to pierce the night and see everything in fine detail, even in extreme low-light conditions.

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