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Outdoor Home Security - Why Choose Tapo C420

By sophia.xie

Tapo C420, the latest home security camera equipped with a powerful AI chip, has now been released by Tapo. Compared with other outdoor cameras, why should you choose Tapo C420?


  • Wire-Free, Compact Design Lets You Install Anywhere You Want

Tapo C420 is a wire-free battery outdoor camera designed by Tapo this year. Compared with previous outdoor cameras, one of the biggest advantages of this camera is that it is battery-powered. Traditional outdoor cameras need to be powered via hard wiring. Hard-wired outdoor cameras are not only inconvenient to install, but they also limit the number of usage scenarios.


Tapo C420 adopts the design of wire-free and is equipped with a battery that lasts 3-6 months, which solves the problem of inconvenient installation of outdoor cameras. The design of Tapo C420 is cylindrical (182 mm × 66 mm). Tapo C420 can be seen as a relatively small and exquisite outdoor security camera among similar cameras on the market. With such an appearance and wire-free hardware design, you can install Tapo C420 anywhere you want.

  • 2K 4MP Live View

The following three are the major smart home outdoor camera resolutions: 1080P, 3MP, and 4MP. Tapo C420 uses 2K 4MP. Compared with other pictures, 2K 4MP pictures reveal more details. Tapo C420 suits users who need to monitor outdoor views. At the same time, users can use the Tapo app to watch areas monitored by Tapo C420 in real-time, anytime and anywhere, and save the captured videos in the app when necessary.

  • Full-Color Night Vision

Tapo C420 provides a full-color night vision solution based on traditional night vision technology. For users who need to observe outdoor scenes at night, full-color night vision is one of the most important considerations for users to choose outdoor home security cameras. No matter how high-definition camera schemes are equipped, numerous cameras can only capture black-and-white pictures through infrared when there is no light outside at night. Generally, black and white images at night cannot show distant details. Tapo C420's full-color night vision scheme allows you to see outdoor full-color pictures at night and capture outdoor pictures in more detail at night.

  • IP65 - Water & Dust Protection

An excellent outdoor camera must consider the impact of outdoor environmental factors on the camera. Tapo C420 can reach the dust-proof and waterproof level of IP65 and basically satisfy most outdoor usage scenarios. Whether it's windy or rainy, Tapo C420 is always online to monitor your outdoor environment.

  • Powerful AI Chip Provides Greater Surveillance


With the application of AI in smart home products, Tapo C420 also follows suit. Its powerful smart chip enables Tapo C420 to do more accurate identification and monitoring, such as package detection, pet detection, vehicle detection, and human detection. After customizing the smart detection function through the Tapo app, you can receive accurate detection alerts on your phone. With the software upgrade, Tapo C420 will support more intelligent detection functions in the future, providing more convenience and possibility for your outdoor monitoring.


Tapo C420, Tapo’s latest outdoor home security camera, adopts the most advanced scheme among the current Tapo outdoor security cameras in terms of software, hardware, and appearance design, which is worthy of being your first choice of outdoor security cameras. 


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