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This article compiles a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions about the TP-Link Tapo Battery Camera. The following information will assist in addressing your inquiries.

Battery Related

What is the Wake-up Sensitivity of my battery camera/doorbell?

How do I extend the battery life of my Tapo Camera/Doorbell?


How to prevent water ingress into Tapo Wire-free cameras such as Tapo C420, C400, etc.

Why do I need to give local access permission to TP-Link apps in IOS 14?

How to Protect Your Camera From being Stolen

How to check and improve the network connection stability of smart devices

What can I do if I can’t find my Tapo camera on Tapo APP?

What should I do if I cannot control my Tapo smart devices on the Tapo app?

What should I do if my Tapo smart camera keeps losing connection or going Offline?

How to reset my Tapo camera

How can I find the IP address of my Tapo camera

How to find the hardware and firmware version of my TP-Link device

Live View

What can I do if the video image is upside down on my Tapo&Kasa camera

What should I do if I can't view the Tapo camera?

Why can't I view the live stream of the Tapo camera continuously?

How to avoid noise when monitoring the sound from Tapo camera


How to use the Detection function of the Tapo cameras

Detection Is Not Working On TP-Link Camera

How to reduce motion detections from rain, snow or insects, etc


How can I view continuous recordings of Tapo cameras on the Tapo app?

Where can I find detection recordings of Tapo cameras on the Tapo app?

How to save and download videos from Tapo camera

How to Install an SD card for my Tapo camera

General Information about using MicroSD Cards with TP-Link’s Kasa or Tapo Cameras?

How to Verify Fake Micro SD Cards

What should I do if the SD card doesn’t work properly on my camera?

How can I view the video recordings of camera from the SD card on a computer?


How to configure the Notification feature for the Tapo & Kasa devices on the Tapo app

Why can’t I receive notifications after turning on Notifications?

How to configure the Alarm feature for the Tapo Cameras on the Tapo app

How to Troubleshoot Android Delayed Notifications on Kasa /Tapo APP

What can I do if I cannot receive my doorbell ringcall notifications?

Tapo Care

General Questions about Tapo Care

Information related to the Tapo Care free trial

How can I subscribe to a Tapo Care Plan?

How to add new cameras to my Tapo Care plan

How can I conduct 3DS authentication when purchasing Tapo Care

How can I get the invoice for my Tapo Care subscription?

How to upgrade or downgrade my Tapo Care subscription

Tapo Care Cancellation and Refund

What Is the Subscription Pricing of the Tapo Care Plan?

Third-Party Services

How to make my Tapo device work with Amazon Alexa

How to control my Tapo camera via Amazon Alexa with voice commands

How to control Tapo camera by Google Home with voice commands

How to use the Alexa Announcement feature of the Tapo Camera

How to make my Tapo devices work with IFTTT

How to Use Siri to Control Your Tapo Smart Devices

What should I do if I cannot make Tapo smart devices work with Alexa or Google Home

APP Features

Getting to know your Tapo Camera App

How can I change the device name, device icon and location in Tapo app for my smart devices?

How to create Smart Action (automation or a shortcut) of my Tapo devices

How to edit Home and Away Mode for Tapo Cameras on the Tapo app

How to update the firmware of the Tapo devices on the Tapo App

What to do if firmware update of my Tapo smart devices failed?

How to share my Tapo Smart Devices with family

How to use Widgets to control your Tapo Devices and Tapo Shortcuts

How to use the Privacy Mode of my Tapo cameras

How to Use the Room Feature in the Tapo App

What're the automation and shortcut of my Tapo device?

What can I do if the Tapo app is not working properly?

Account Related

Why does TP-Link require my email address?

What is TP-Link ID and how to create a TP-Link ID?

How to Create An Account in Tapo App

Making Your Account More Secure: Introducing Two-Step Verification (2FA) for the Tapo App

How to unbind the account (TP-Link ID) with Tapo smart devices in the Tapo app

How to re-register the Tapo camera to another account (TP-Link ID)

What can I do if I forget my password of the cloud account

What if I fail to sign up or activate the TP-Link ID?

How can I delete my TP-Link cloud account?

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