What is the Wake-up Sensitivity of my battery camera/doorbell?

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How does the battery camera/doorbell be woken up?

For the sake of power saving, the Camera is usually in a sleep state (low power consumption). The camera can be woken up when doing some operations on the APP like watching the camera’s live view. And it can also be woken up by the PIR sensor.

PIR sensor means passive infrared sensor. The term ‘passive’ refers to the fact that PIR devices do not radiate energy by themselves. They work by detecting infrared radiation emitted by or reflected from objects.

There exist twin sensors in the camera, when a person or animal moves through the camera’s detecting area, the twin sensors can detect the infrared radiation changes thus waking up the camera. Frequent heat source movements can cause the Camera to be woken up frequently. So it’s important that the PIR sensor may be affected by the environment. And due to the mechanism of the sensors, they may not detect objects moving directly towards the camera to some extent.

Note: Activity Zones or Privacy Zones won’t affect the PIR sensor, thus these settings can’t reduce the wake-up times.

What is Wake-up Sensitivity?

Generally, Wake-up Sensitivity refers to the camera's sensitivity to PIR sensor triggering. Higher sensitivity results in longer detection distance, easier wake-up, and more recordings, which will reduce battery life.

You can adjust the sensitivity based on your needs and specific scenarios. In Camera Settings > Detection > Wake-up Sensitivity.

For more suggestions to extend the battery life, please refer to the FAQ below.

How do I extend the battery life of my Tapo Camera/Doorbell?

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