What’s the ECO mode and how do you configure it on Deco?

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The ECO mode is an energy-saving feature on Deco. It includes Power Mode, Wi-Fi Schedule, and LED Control.


  1. Please ensure your Deco app is the latest version to use the ECO mode.
  2. If the Deco network includes a Deco model that does not support the ECO mode, this feature will disappear on the Deco app.

The ECO mode is disabled on Deco by default, and you can go to More > ECO Mode on the Deco app to enable it.

Part 1. Power Mode

The Power Mode determines the power consumption when Deco devices are working. And it includes three modes, together with Mode Schedule.

Normal Mode: Deco works under the normal power state. Wi-Fi performance will not be affected.

Power-Saving Mode: Lowers the power of your Deco to reduce power consumption. This will slightly reduce your network speed.

Ultra Power-Saving Mode: The ECO mode on your Deco will reduce its power consumption to a minimum while maintaining your network connection, and your network speed will reach the lowest allowed by the devices.

Mode Schedule: You can set the power mode to ‘Always On’ or ‘Only On During a Time Period’.

If you select a power mode to take effect during a specific time period, the power mode will be in the Normal Mode for the rest of the time.

Part 2. Wi-Fi Schedule

Wi-Fi Schedule: Turning off your Deco's Wi-Fi when you don't need to use the internet.

After enabling the Wi-Fi Off Time, your Deco's Wi-Fi will be turned off during the time period you set. Your wireless clients will be disconnected from the Deco network. And only the wired Deco units (established Ethernet Backhaul with the main Deco) together with the wired devices attached to them will not be affected.

If ‘Keep 2.4GHz Wi-Fi On’ is enabled, the 2.4G Wi-Fi remains on, but other Wi-Fi bands will be turned off. In this situation, the Deco units are working, but only have 2.4G Wi-Fi and Ethernet Backhaul connection (if you connect them through an Ethernet cable).


  1. During the Wi-Fi off time, all the Deco Wi-Fi networks will be turned off, no matter the host Wi-Fi, guest Wi-Fi or IoT Wi-Fi networks. And all Wi-Fi network settings can't be changed during this period.
  2. If ‘Keep 2.4GHz Wi-Fi On’ is enabled, you could still modify the Wi-Fi settings of the Deco network.
  3. If you want to have Deco Wi-Fi during the Wi-Fi off time period, you could disable Wi-Fi Off Time in the Deco app directly. If you cannot modify through the Deco app, simply restart all the main and satellite Decos, and then you can connect to the Deco Wi-Fi again.

Part 3. LED Control

With the LED switch, you could decide whether the LED light on the Deco device is on or off.

With the LED Off Time switch, you can schedule the Deco LED light to turn off at night while you sleep, so it doesn't disturb your rest. Neither the LED switch nor the LED Off Time settings will have any effect on the Deco Wi-Fi networks.

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