How to Waterproof Tapo Outdoor Security Cameras

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Updated 04-11-2022 03:30:07 AM 42820
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When the camera is installed outdoors, please install waterproof items to waterproof your Tapo outdoor security cameras. Make sure each part is securely attached and the water-proofing rings are flush to keep out water.

Step 1: Install Waterproof Cable Attachments

Install the waterproof cable attachments for the network interface when the camera is installed outdoors.

  1. Route the network cable through the following components in order: fix nut, waterproof ring, and then the waterproof jacket.
  2. Insert the waterproof ring into the waterproof jacket.
  3. Fix the O-ring to the network interface of the camera and connect the network cables.
  4. Attach the network interface with the waterproof jacket, then twist to lock. Rotate the fix nut to secure it to the waterproof jacket.

Done! The network interface is now waterproof.

Step 2: Install Waterproof Seal for Power Connectors

Install the waterproof seal for the power connectors when the camera is installed outdoors.

To get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

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