Troubleshooting of TP-Link Cloud Service

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Q1: The cloud account registration cannot receive the activation email?  The link in the activation email is invalid when access the link?  The password modification email cannot be received?


The known reason is mainly related to the mailbox security Settings, please try to sign up for a new cloud account using mass email, such as Gmail or Yahoo Mail.


Q2: Device failed to bind cloud account: the prompt "This account is already bond to this device" appears when binding TP-Link ID.


Please try to factory reset the router by pressing and holding reset button for 10s until all lights flash once. When factory reset, make sure the router is connected to the internet. If the same problem still exists after factory reset, please collect the S/N, LAN MAC and MAC address on the device label, and then contact TP-Link Technical support.

Note: LAN MAC is available on the status page of web interface.


Q3: The device (via web interface or Tether APP) cannot register/log in the cloud account, shows Request time out or failed to connect to the cloud server, as shown in the figure below:





1). Login to the web interface of TP-Link router. Please refer to How do I log into the web-based Utility (Management Page) of TP-Link wireless router?

2). Please check whether the system time of TP-Link router is correct by going to Advanced -> System tools -> Time Settings. If necessary, please manually modify the NTP server in time Settings and Google the local NTP server in your own country.

3). Go to Advanced -> Network -> Internet, click on Advanced option in the middle of this page and change DNS server into and

4). Please collect the S/N, LAN MAC and MAC address on the device label, and then contact TP-Link Technical support.

Note: LAN MAC is available on the status page of web interface.



Q4: If Tether APP fails to manage device remotely: please use 3G/4G network on phone to check. If the same problem still occurs, the following information needs to be confirmed:


1). Mare sure the router has internet access;

2). If internet is fine on TP-Link router, please try to unbind TP-Link ID and then rebind via TP-Link web page;

3). If there has some issues when rebinding TP-Link ID, please refer to above troubleshooting.


Q5: TP-Link DDNS not take effect

When you realize that the TP-Link DDNS did not work, please figure out how you notice that TP-Link DDNS not take effect. Generally, this issue is related to the fact that the DNS server does not update the info timely when WAN IP changes. It is suggested for you to resolve your domain name through nslookup to see if it can resolve the correct WAN IP of TP-Link router (or the actual public IP of the user network).


How to do this

1). Write down the current WAN/Internet IP of TP-Link router

2). Open cmd ping command (How to Use the Ping Command)type "nslookup" test (or the domain name created before)

If it resolves the correct current WAN/Internet IP of TP-Link router, it means DDNS is working fine to bind the current WAN/Internet IP.

If it failed to resolve the correct current WAN/Internet IP of TP-Link router,

3). If you want to use this domain name to access a specific server in the local network, you may need to open port forwarding on the TP-Link router for that server. Please refer to Port forwarding: how to set up virtual server on TP-Link wireless router?.


Q6: After configuring TP-Link DDNS to bind the router to a domain name, why can't I directly access the router management interface from the external network using this domain name?

1). Please make sure Remote Management function has been enabled on TP-Link router.

2).TP-Link domain name can only bind to the Public IP of your network, if there has another NAT device in front of TP-Link router (currently TP-Link device will have private IP address), port forwarding is required to be enabled for TP-Link router on that NAT device.

3). Some ISPs will block certain ports by default, such as port 80. In this case, the port used for remote management of TP-Link router should be changed to another port, or you can contact ISP to enable that port.


Get to know more details of each function and configuration please go to Download Center to download the manual of your product.

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