Recommended Server Specifications for Omada Software Controller

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Updated 04-04-2023 00:58:36 AM 38346
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Apply to: Omada SDN Controller V5

The Omada Software Controller version 5.4.6 is capable of managing up to 10,000 Omada devices (see FAQ#3414). However, to ensure optimal performance, it is important to use servers with sufficient CPU and RAM resources.

It is also important to note that with each Omada Software Controller upgrade, new features may require additional hardware resources, so it is recommended to leave some room for scalability.

Based on Omada Software Controller version 5.9.31, the following table provides recommended server specifications for different numbers of Omada devices being managed:

Omada Device Number

Processor (vCPU, 2.0 GHz) [2]

RAM [3]


Disk [4]



6 GB

100 Mbps

50 GB



8 GB

100 Mbps

100 GB

3000 [1]


16 GB

100 Mbps

150 GB



64 GB

1 Gbps

500 GB

[1] To manage more than 3000 devices with one Omada Software Controller, please refer to FAQ#3414.

[2] Omada SDN Controller is I/O-intensive and the number of vCPUs is critical to performance.

[3] Only RAM occupied by Omada SDN Controller and its MongoDB database is included in the recommended, not that occupied by the operating system. It should be noted that the Windows OS might consume more than 4GB of RAM, which should be taken into account.

[4] Only disk space occupied by Omada SDN Controller and its MongoDB database is included, and SSD is highly recommended.

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